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Released: 18 October 2016 Ended
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Country: United Kingdom
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The story of the Medici family of Florence, their ascent from simple merchants to power brokers sparking an economic and cultural revolution. Along the way, they also accrue a long list of powerful enemies.

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Raetsonwe Redundant and unnecessary.
Smartorhypo Highly Overrated But Still Good
MamaGravity good back-story, and good acting
Salubfoto It's an amazing and heartbreaking story.
Farwa K This show was so good that I watched all the episodes twice --> I don't ever do that unless it's a REALLY really good show. Richard Madden's performance is impeccable, and the show did a great job recreating 15th century Florence. I've seen reviews of people complaining about the show's slight inaccuracies, but the liberties the show took added to the story in my opinion, and it really wasn't that big of a deal.I loved seeing Cosimo and Contessina's relationship evolving throughout the episodes. It's definitely very different from traditional Hollywood- style love stories; it was more realistic, and also more beautiful. I personally believe that Cosimo did in fact have affections for her, even if he did always suppress them. The story, the script, production, costumes and everything else about the show was simply outstanding. Definitely looking forward to s2.
lwgoodrich I absolutely loved this, and cannot wait for the second season to become available. The Medicis, an incredibly wealthy banking family, were a powerful influence in Florence for literally centuries. Season One showcases the first three generations from the late 1300s to the early 1400s, as the family was beginning to build its wealth. Unsurprisingly, the Florentine nobility tended to look down their noses at these non-royal upstarts, who had managed to become part of the city's governing body.Dustin Hoffman appears as the first Medici banker, who has worked his way up from a hardscrabble existence into the banking business - and is ruthless about continuing to build it through his family. In fact, no holds are barred by anyone in this story when it comes to gaining power - including the nobility. There is betrayal, treachery, murder - in other words, it's wildly entertaining, without overdoing the gore.Once Giovanni has gone to his reward (or punishment), his sons Cosimo and Lorenzo take over, and Cosimo's son Piero is groomed for leadership as well. But the women - oh, the Medici women! They are as strong and ambitious as their spouses, and seem like they'd be equally capable of handling the business and the competition. One of the great pleasures of this series is the location (I suspect some of it was filmed in Sienna as well as Florence), which gives a fabulous sense of the medieval time and place, both outdoors and in the spare yet beautiful interiors where much of the wealth is displayed through artwork. Hopefully this series will go on for a long time - after all, the Medici family remained influential for several centuries!
Joseph E. Keil I love period dramas, and I particularly like the idea of a drama centered around the Medici family. Acting is great, story line is great. There's one problem though, the audio engineering is HORRIBLE. It's often difficult to hear the dialogue, even when it's not being drowned out by the overbearing score. It's just not mixed well.
sabsemade-09829 If you want to watch a show with nice landscape shots and a fairy OK story, then this show is perfectly fine. If you care about the history of the time, details in continuity, fitting music for the scenes and really well cast actors, you should look somewhere else. While Dustin Hoffman does a fine job and I wanted to see more of him, Richard Madden seemed a little dull in comparison. He plays, after all, the lead character. I don't say he's bad, but the difference between the old and young version is sometimes non- existing, and a little bit of gray colour in his hair won't change that. Also, as a person with another first language than English, especially the names were hard to understand in the beginning and I was very confused about who was who. The women's parts seem a bit one-dimensional. The music is great, but I felt like it was sometimes too much for the scenes, and therefore drowning instead of highlighting them. Also, the time period could have been portrayed better, not everyone back then was in perfect shape, had clear skin and pearly teeth and no posture problems. While watching the first few episodes, I only kept watching because I wanted to finish the series, but at times it was very slow paced. The story seemed a little anti-climactic. All in all it's not bad, but if you want a lot of details, you'll be a little disappointed.