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Released: 21 October 2016 Ended
Producted By: Haut et Court
Country: Spain
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Lenny Belardo, the youngest and first American Pope in the history of the Church, must establish his new papacy and navigate the power struggles of the closed, secretive Vatican.



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The Young Pope Audience Reviews

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AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
Platicsco Good story, Not enough for a whole film
Arianna Moses Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.
Bumpy Chip It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.
mckavelly The director shows his irreverence towards religion despite the seemingly religious nature of the topic. This makes for some hilarious moments. Loved it.The acting is top, top. Every character perfectly cast. Only a few of the actors are conventionally good looking, but their acting is so good that I could not take my eyes off them. The locations are beautiful. The sets are seamless. At every moment, the illusion of being inside Vatican City is perfect. Amazing. Bravo.
Charles Herold (cherold) I liked this series from the first minutes. Jude Law is fascinating as Lenny, the first North American Pope, who is strange, charismatic, and arrogant. This is the Pope as a disruptor, and while such stories are often told in terms of opening the church (i.e. Going My Way), this follows the 21st century twist of disruption from the right; the hip, edgy, homophobic, harsh pope. The dialogue is sharp, the characters are detailed and complex, and the cinematography is slick and stylish.The series is also quite odd, often reminding me of Fellini in its surreal touches and the way it keeps viewers off balance. I was surprised that the user reviews I looked at didn't mention this; perhaps people just think the Catholic Church is so inherently weird that they take all the strange elements in stride, causing them to view this as a basic political drama when it strikes me as much more than that.Or did. The above is what I wrote after 4 or 5 episodes. But then I started losing interest. I found Lenny more and more awful, and the series became more about the politics than the weirdness; less Fellini, more House of Cards (which I don't like).Episodes 6 & 7 were such a slog that I simply gave up on the series after that. I just didn't care what happened to any of those people. If only the series had managed to wrap it up in 5 episodes I would give it 9 stars. At this point my 7 stars is probably overly generous.
Lucas Andrade Long time ago, I see the movie "The shoes of the fisherman", one great classic with Anthony Quinn. Thirty nine years after, we see again the pope Pio XIII. Whats problem? We waited a long time... The religious movies, They are weak, technically and theologically. Movies of Politics of the State ("House of Cards"), for example,the producers understand how the government process works. However, few understand how politics works within the Church. She is not a saint, she is not a sinner, she is only human. This is the gold key from the director Paolo Sorrentino, he writes as someone who knows the Roman Curia; Political, theological, Hierarchy, vestments and the main, the history of the Church. His criticism is more than current, alive on the walls of the Holy See. This amazing, the soundtrack,cinematography, costume design...actors...Jude Law, surprising, because, he is not just a pretty face, he is a true actor of the English school.
Maryanne Smart I love Jude Law, and I was so up for a gripping HBO series addiction, but after the first episode, I was distracted and un-engaged. It might just be me, but every dramatic moment, every bit of profound dialogue followed by thoughtful violin music, landed flat. The new pope is American for some reason - cool. He's vindictive, petty and contrary - got it. He may or may not actually be an atheist sociopath - okay.So? So that's it I guess. Watch a mean pope stomp around the Vatican ordering cherry coke zeros and being rude to people who are forced to be reverent to him. If you like it, if it blows your mind, power to you. I might check out what else is on.