Alien: Covenant

2017 "The path to paradise begins in hell."
6.4| 2h2m| R| en| More Info
Released: 19 May 2017 Released
Producted By: 20th Century Fox
Country: United States of America
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The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise but is actually a dark, dangerous world.

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Ridley Scott

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20th Century Fox


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Alien: Covenant Audience Reviews

Diagonaldi Very well executed
Gurlyndrobb While it doesn't offer any answers, it both thrills and makes you think.
FirstWitch A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.
Billy Ollie Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
lgtaylor22 Seriously this was a horrible movie, although beautifully shot and visually impressive. To be fair, I've hated every Alien movie since Aliens. This was no exception. They've gone too far, too dark, too bleak. These movies are no longer a good thriller/action movie. Trying to be more than the originals, they've destroyed the appeal entirely.
sdilaudo Really enjoyed the movie and a massive improvement on Prometheus. Decent character s, nice visuals and good plot with some cool twists. Really don't know which movie most of the reviewers on here were actually watching! Aliens Special edition is still by far the best movie of the franchise and of all time!
nerevar59 I had seen the reviews here on IMDb, and still thought I'd give it a chance. I thought it couldn't be that bad, and Prometheus was just strange. I got the feeling that the movie lost direction from the start, and that David was a god figure, with a grudge against his creator. An android with an attitude who looked down on his creator? I fell asleep halfway through the movie, and woke up, went back to where I had left off, and 15 minutes later, fell asleep again. I struggled to stay awake, and just lost interest. Boring, silly, and pointless film.
StrictlyConfidential Shame! Shame! Shame! on 80-year-old director, Ridley Scott for foisting this $97 million SyFy turd on us (his audience).You know, this film has completely convinced me that Scott is nothing but a senile, old boob.I had thought that Scott had scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel with Prometheus - But, no - Alien: Covenant actually manages to sink even lower into the manure than that.The only surprises that this prized piece of junk had to offer to the viewer was to prove, over and over again, how really-really bad it was.I can only hope that this utter garbage is the very last of the Alien sequels - But, I'm certain that there's still some more poop coming our way in the next few years.And, finally - Speaking about actor (ha!), Michael Fassbender - Next to the likes of that airhead, Tom Cruise - I think he's the most despicable, no-talent, little creep of all.