2010 "The hunt is on."
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Released: 03 July 2010 Released
Producted By: 20th Century Fox
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A group of cold-blooded killers find themselves trapped on an alien planet to be hunted by extraterrestrial Predators.

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Nimród Antal

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Predators Audience Reviews

BootDigest Such a frustrating disappointment
Exoticalot People are voting emotionally.
Actuakers One of my all time favorites.
Marva It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,
cricketbat The problem with Predators is that it's predictable. It is a fun action/horror film, but it spends way too much time setting up plot lines and twists that the audience has already figured out. It feels unoriginal. The visual effects were impressive, though, and I like the premise. This movie made me nostalgic for the original Predator.
edwardcooper-92204 Predators is a polarizing movie to review. It depends on many factors- are you a science fiction fan? A fan of the original Predator? Just a casual viewer wanting to see gore? If you loved the Arnold film chances are you will not like this one, because there isn't a main character to root for as we did with Arnold's "dutch". More importantly the new director is no John Mcteirnen. However this is a decent enough film to watch if you are a science fiction fan and the Predator has always been very popular. The setting and visual tone is pretty good (how can it not be with lush tropical jungle) and the performances from many known faces is adequate.
yt-278-797014 Lets see the best parts or the Predator. 1. His designing. He looks and is great 2. His shoulder gun. Great 3. His wolverine claws. GreatLets see the best parts of the Alien 1. Designing. Great 2. Acid blood, terror factor. Great 3. Adaptability. GreatWhat can go wrong?!So lets see the Predators bad parts. 1. No use without his Ironman/batman gadgetry 2. Useless in hand to hand 3. Many problems in AVPR. Viz. unlimited blue liquid erasing evidenceNow lets see Alien bad parts 1. Killing technique. Dude, something hard coming out of your mouth to kill is not GREAT 2. No more ninja technique in killing 3. Alienator/Predalien hybrid? Useless. In design, technique and utility.So what would have made these movies great … again? 1. Do away with the awful interludes of human interactions 2. Alienator/Predalien should have had been retrofitted with gadgets 3. Take out the human element. Or at least bring back a Dutch- like character! Someone not like the Rock or Schwartsnegger or the Pianist, but like a combo of Kate Beckinsale, Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson, Milla Jovovich, Rhona Mitra, Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Rodriguez, Noomi Rapace (in no order of preference). You get the picture.So someone either listen to the above or get me in as special consultant. You don't need the name to make the money. Great movies will make money. Lets make Predator / Aliens / AVP / Prometheus / Covenant great again! I can definitely do it, but next time, don't fornicate it up … please.
Uriah43 This movie begins with a man waking up to learn that he is in free-fall and has to open his parachute before he hits the ground. He succeeds just in the nick of time and finds himself in the middle of a sweltering jungle. Not long afterward he meets several other people in the same situation and none of them have a clue how they got their either. Eventually they all come to realize that they are not on earth and that they have been put in this jungle to be hunted down and killed by alien beings who are smarter, faster and more powerful than they are. Having no other option they all agree to band together even though each of them come from different backgrounds and cultures. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a pretty good entry in the "Predator Series" which combined plenty of action and drama throughout. As a matter of fact, if anything, I would say that this film was on a par with the original movie and slightly better than Predator 2. But that is just my opinion. In any case, I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoyed the first two and have rated it accordingly. Above average.