King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

2017 "From nothing comes a King"
6.7| 2h6m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 12 May 2017 Released
Producted By: Village Roadshow Pictures
Country: United States of America
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When the child Arthur’s father is murdered, Vortigern, Arthur’s uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright and with no idea who he truly is, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword Excalibur from the stone, his life is turned upside down and he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy... whether he likes it or not.


Fantasy, Drama, Action

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Guy Ritchie

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Village Roadshow Pictures


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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Audience Reviews

Mjeteconer Just perfect...
TrueHello Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.
Bumpy Chip It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.
Philippa All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
theoneandonlyzooid The Cockneys in a Londinium that would not know Bows Bells for another thousand years (Arthurian legend dates 5th-6th century AD, Bows Bells 15th-16th century) was simply too much disbelief to suspend. That plus all the Ritchie trademark camera tricks and dialog stylistics seemed a bit done to death and inappropriate, making me ask myself, 'What precisely is the director attempting to get accomplished here?'But, I'm glad a gave it a second chance, because once you get past all that and the off-track story, there really is a lot to admire about the film.I grew up in the 60's and 70's when there was only one or two movies per theater, no such thing as even VCRs and a movie could reasonably expect to remain in a theater for at least a month (or, in the case of the original "Star Wars", in excess of 4 years). That meant a lot of repeat business (I saw SW 25 times in its original run in theaters). You had a chance to get to know a movie -- deeply -- in those bygone days.This movie brought those experiences back to me. Because -- underlying all its trite coverings -- there lurks a movie of irresistible visual details, admirably subtle acting skill, and surprising emotional impact.I told a friend of mine (who also likes movies, not just 'splosions and boobs) that great movies grow more profound with each re-watching; you notice tiny details that you hadn't -- couldn't have! -- noticed before and they change the entire context of the movie...It's just that you had to look past this movie's somewhat hideous exterior to see into its virtuous and beautiful soul. I've now seen this movie over 8 times and turns out, she's actually a beauty, indeed... I'd give it an 8; but gotta subtract 1 star for initial impression.
paulclaassen Unconvincing acting and an utterly dull and bland story sinks this ambitious film before it can even begin to rise to power. Silly dialogue and a preposterous plot. Jude Law's character is incredibly one-dimensional, while Charlie Hunnam unfortunately is miscast as King Arthur. Good visuals, though, although mostly CGI.
tibor-poser I wanted to watch this in IMAX, but couldn´t find the time, so Home Theater instead.God, it was awful! I mean it was really AWFUL! Don't watch it, it will make you hate the good actors in it and Ritchie himself!1: It made NO sense 2: Too many characters, too many backgrounds, they changed their perspective like every 2 seconds 3: Nothing happened. Really, nothing happened, the evil king did NOTHING at all, just building his tower, summoning a ball of flame when the ceiling was ready just for LOL, but he did literally nothing. 4: I think I accidentally watched the "Director´s Drunk Cut" fun version of a third rated Guy Ritchie fan. 5: I can´t even finish this list, because my mine does the same thing as this movie, jumping around, doing everything and nothing at the same time and IT DOESN´T MAKE ANY SENSE! 6: $!§"%WEFES E asfo iwwoihs gan fogha kfaj öldfj (Probably a citation from the script)How can be this around 7 points? (after reading some crits, realized they are also generated by paid accounts. Some advice for the paid critics: Make some grammmaatic mistakes, it looks too perfectDon´t Write Everything In Big Letter, write it like a SMS to a friendDon´t give them such a catchy title)Anyway, it is not a 7 Points Movie, more like a 2-3, but had to spend some money for the crits.Some advice for Lord Ritchie: You are a great director, but if you want to make 3 Movies about a story, don't make compromises with the Producers, make 3 separated Movies BUT DON'T make 1 Movie from 3 Scripts!If you have no controll over your work, then please leave that project. You have a name, you will find producers to give you money for your project. (seriously, how much free hand did you get here? They let you direct 1 fight scene, but only 10 secs long?)+1 Star for the big elephants and that Octopus monster, they were fun!
blue_catbird Thoroughly enjoyed watching. Recommended to friends and family, they really enjoyed it.