Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

2011 "Momma's got back-up."
4.4| 1h47m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 16 February 2011 Released
Producted By: 20th Century Fox
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FBI agent Malcolm Turner and his 17-year-old son, Trent, go undercover at an all-girls performing arts school after Trent witnesses a murder. Posing as Big Momma and Charmaine, they must find the murderer before he finds them.

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John Whitesell

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20th Century Fox


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Pluskylang Great Film overall
Acensbart Excellent but underrated film
BelSports This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.
Sameer Callahan It really made me laugh, but for some moments I was tearing up because I could relate so much.
yahyabasaran Short summary: Agent Malcolm and his son, Trent hide themselves in the "Georgia girls school for the arts" by being dressed as women. Trent witnesses a murder and together with his father, they are trying to locate the killer. Malcolm tries to find evidence against the murderer and with Trent, they make lots of adventures at school!Content: Trent passed the high school and was accepted at Duke University. His stepfather, Turner wants him to continue studying, but he wants to be a rapper. He tries to sign him a contract after his mother is on vacation, but he refuses. To get the signature, Trent chases his father and witnesses a murder, committed by the Russian Chirkoff. Therefore, they dress up as women and go to the "Georgia girls school for the arts". Malcolm is looking for a USB stick containing evidence against the killer Chirkoff. He discovers that the USB stick is in a music box, which was stolen from the library. Trent screws up the undercover mission when he was seen by friends during a date with Haley, as himself. The gang members of Chirkoff introduced themselves as record producers to Trent's friends and asked to inform them if they saw him. The members can not find him when he goes undercover as Charmaine Daisy Pierce. Unfortunately ,Trent exposes himself when he sings a song with his own voice. Therefore, he escapes with Turner and Haley but get caught by Chirkoff. The school guard, Kurtis shoots him and rescues them at the last moment. Finally, the killer and his accomplices are arrested. They return to their house and then, the movie ends.Opinion: Big Mommas: Like Father, Like son is an American comedy movie which contains American humor. The passage in which Turner talks with a white person on the phone occurs a typical American humor scene. The white person calls him chocolate and this is a situation humor. Turner, as Big Momma is pretty and gives spontaneous reactions. His jokes are simple and you don't require any background knowledge. So I think that this is a great American comedy movie because the jokes were easy and it amused me. From my viewpoint, this is a must-watch movie!
mic90 Warning: spoiler alertsBig Momma is back in third movie.. and it was bad move. This time the story is about that his son Trent witnesses a murder. Then father & son duo is ready to investigate a murder. Traces leads to an girls school. Once again the world needs Big Momma's help. What Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son offer to audience? Unfunny jokes and tired cast. Especially Martin Lawrence who desperately needs better movies like this. Maybe he got a big paycheck. I don't see any more reasons why this movie got into production. Typical Hollywood plot and that is getting older. The cast is from B-movies and it felt more like "the girl" movie. The music is like from nowadays Music Television: nothing new and uninspired. There are some funny jokes but other ways the movie is very bad.
mariondowning-427-469344 If in the future you witness a murder remember you have options other than putting on a fat suit and pretending to be a member of the opposite gender. An FBI agent should know better, but here again he sinks to pretending to be an elderly woman rather than using his inside knowledge to keep clear of bad guys. An FBI agent should also know that his identity is secret and he isn't listed in the phone book - i.e. bad guys couldn't find his home if they wanted to.Therefore through a process of deduction even Blind Freddy can see the witnessed murder is just an excuse to revisit the overused "fat lady jokes", "sappy Big Momma moments" (e.g. "her" giving loving speeches to children and other's about how people aren't always what they appear and "valuing yourself"), love story (this time involving the son), girl finding out a guy dressed as a female and witnessed her in vulnerable moments (e.g. in underpants in a fitting room or in bed (in the case of the first film)) and heartfelt speech which wins the girl over in the end because the guy was just dressing as a girl for "the better good" and he really loves her even though he lied to her.
tothegoddess I can't believe anyone would rate this movie below 10! It is a very sweet and funny movie. One I thought to be very entertaining! It had many great messages, very funny scenes, fantastic dialog, very decent music, and both Lawrence & Jackson had a wonderful dynamic on screen (the scene on the escalator is hilarious!). I thought Charmaine was very sweet and Jackson really brought home that endearing quality to this character. Mia was a good lesson to all young women to believe in themselves and know they are more than their relationships (& know when to ditch a fool girl!). Kurtis Cool is a riot with his dope sham and car wash! LOL! There are, of course, a few corny parts but it only adds to the movie's charm. Its a comedy worth watching again and again! Please keep our super fly Zulu queen big mama and sweet Charmaine coming! Am looking forward to the next adventure ladies!