Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

2013 "Where There Are Gods, There Are Monsters."
5.7| 1h46m| PG| en| More Info
Released: 07 August 2013 Released
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Country: United States of America
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In their quest to confront the ultimate evil, Percy and his friends battle swarms of mythical creatures to find the mythical Golden Fleece and to stop an ancient evil from rising.

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Thor Freudenthal

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Audience Reviews

Hellen I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much
Matrixiole Simple and well acted, it has tension enough to knot the stomach.
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
Ginger Very good movie overall, highly recommended. Most of the negative reviews don't have any merit and are all pollitically based. Give this movie a chance at least, and it might give you a different perspective.
wlazer-85711 On a technical level, this movie is terrible. The effects are bad, the dialogue is cheesy at best, and downright cringe-worthy at worst. The acting is mostly god-awful, with a few decent performances sprinkled in. However, as a huge fan of the books, I still get enjoyment out of this film.I hated the first one for its huge deviations from the book. While this one certainly deviates, it makes a much better attempt to stick to the source material. A lot of sequences from the movie were directly from the book, and when this happens, it's extremely enjoyable. In particular, the Oracle of Delphi is exactly as I pictured it. Tyson is portrayed pretty much as I remember him. So is Annabeth. The large cyclops at the end (don't remember his name) was also done pretty much exactly how he was in the books, down to exactly how Grover manages to avoid getting eaten by him. They even included Clarisse's giant Confederate ship, which was in the book.Overall, despite the lack of technical quality, I enjoyed this film, and have watched it multiple times. If you are a fan of the books who didn't like the first one for its deviations from the books, you should find this one more acceptable, although not perfect.
Davis P This Percy Jackson sequel is just bad bad bad. I actually really enjoyed the first Percy Jackson movie, but this one is just misguided at every turn. I like Logan Lerman and it's not that he did a horrible job in this movie, it's just that his character hasn't changed any and it's become boring, his performance isn't necessarily bad, it's just dull and uninteresting. But Logan Lerman's performance is exciting compared to the rest of the movie, I could forgive a somewhat dull performance if the rest of the movie was good..... but it's not. The writing and the plot is very boring and doll and it doesn't do anything to keep your attention. That is this film is number one problem, it simply doesn't keep the audiences attention. The action sequences are pretty average and really aren't that cool, The special effects are just subpar, nothing all that spectacular. This movie looked exciting and adventurous to me, but the adventure is just in short supply. This was a very big wasted opportunity, because they could've done so much more with the plot. I thought the first movie was interesting and I liked a lot of things about it, but they just went a completely different direction with the sequel, and it's a dull one that almost lulled me to sleep. I completely suggest the first Percy Jackson movie, but I suggest skipping on this sequel, it's not worth your time. 1/10.
kikitom Hollywood, the news and even the government are bombarding us with anti bullying campaigns, which is fine by me. However, this imbecilic film opens with some girl, 1/2 half daughter of a forgotten deity pounding bullying comments, on this Percy Jackson character, another hero (1/2 son of another forgotten deity), with apparently no powers bestowed on him. Her tirade goes on for the entire film, until at the end, this shy hero that would put Achilles, Hercules or any of the like to shame, saves the day. But, what bothers me more than anything, is that in these 20 pages of extended comments, by a bunch of (actually I don't know who you people are) did not notice. I understand that Clarisse is the bully of the camp and so on; but really, if Hollywood actually omitted so many things from the books, Hollywood should have omitted this distasteful character. STOP THE BULLYING Hollywood!
sharky_55 Fundamentally, or at least initially, Sea of Monsters attempts to wrest back control and acknowledge its origins as a children's book and as the second entry into what Fox hoped would become a successful movie series. This one opens with a little flashback prologue establishing the origins of Camp Half Blood and its magical protection, before later delving into a gorgeous animated retelling of the overthrowing of the Titans that is visualised through a vivid and colourful stained glass mural. It is easily argued that this sequence should have began the first movie, but at least Freudenthal is aiming to rectify the mistakes of Lightning Thief. In another pleasant surprise, the gods of the movie are less doom and gloom than the first, where the gigantic figures in phony costumes were very out of place and even more distant than a parent who runs out on you. Stanley Tucci is god of wine and camp director Dionysus, his performance full of mopiness and dry humour that we've come to expect. There's also the surprisingly well done Fates in the modern taxi cab that manages to be both funny and freaky, although spouting off mysterious numbers seemed a little cheap. Nathan Fillion steals his scene as the charismatic Hermes, god of messengers and trade, neatly modernised into a shipping company where a nice transition of the frame turns a humble little posting office into a massive warehouse and his collared t-shirt into a suit. He's a little pompous, humorous, but more importantly he's good natured and adds an emotional overtone to the whole gods abandoning their children that was sorely missing in LT. Oh, and a Firefly reference. As such it means that Grover doesn't have to carry the bulk of the comic relief, and his character is more bearable for it. Annabeth is less wooden, this time having an actual sub-plot that lets Daddario inject some emotion into her thought process. Lerman as Percy is less bravado and confident than before, but it comes at the expense of hyping up Clarisse, the newcomer played by Levan Rambin. One might argue that she also should have been in LT. She's surprisingly refreshingly for a movie of this calibre; even with the rattling off her accomplishments initially, we see a little of the desperation to impress her father (god of war, Ares) and bring glory for him. The banter on the confederate ship is great, and she even shows a little more humanity and humour elsewhere: "Uh, Tyson, let go of my hand!" That big cyclops with a childlike demeanour is played by Douglas Smith, who manages to bring a decent level of naivety and innocence to the character. It's actually a better approach than the complete child that is in the books. And thank goodness for the mist spray; one eye just does not work in live action. For all these positives though, Sea of Monsters takes a few abrupt turns that really sabotage it's overall presentation. We have the frivolous action scene that takes place on Luke's yacht, complete with nameless henchmen with harmless weapons. It's cool to watch Percy surf off on waves but it just adds to his uneven characterisation, whereas Jake Abel manages to maintain the same indifferent monotone performance that really takes away the little drama the scene has. The final battle scene is perhaps the most aggravating. In a complete misinterpretation of the great prophecy, we get a very glorified large scale battle out of nowhere. Sure, the special effects are decent here and throughout (the bull, the hippocampus), but the character design of the major villain of the whole series is so poor and unthreatening that the whole fight is so shallow and thin. We have no idea what makes Riptide a cursed blade. We have little reason to care for Percy bounding amongst digital glowing rocks. Sea of Monsters really tries to turn the movie series into something with consequence and continuity. The final scene with Thalia hints at what still is to come. Yet that is mirrored by Luke's last scene, where we are meant to chuckle at the look on his face as he realises his dilemma with Polyphemus. That end feels more like the one of a singular film, where Luke is destined to spend the rest of his days in the cave instead of being a vital character in the overarching plot. SOM gets a lot of things right, but it gets the big climax wrong. For all its improvements on its predecessor, you would think that the series is right on track. There has been no plans to make the third movie as of now. But looking at the absurd way in which they unveiled Kronos for the first time, maybe it's for the best.