Couples Retreat

2009 "It may be paradise... but it's no vacation."
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Released: 09 October 2009 Released
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Four couples, all friends, descend on a tropical island resort. Though one husband and wife are there to work on their marriage, the others just want to enjoy some fun in the sun. They soon find, however, that paradise comes at a price: Participation in couples therapy sessions is mandatory. What started out as a cut-rate vacation turns into an examination of the common problems many face.


Comedy, Romance

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Peter Billingsley

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Couples Retreat Audience Reviews

Lawbolisted Powerful
Dotsthavesp I wanted to but couldn't!
Kailansorac Clever, believable, and super fun to watch. It totally has replay value.
Freeman This film is so real. It treats its characters with so much care and sensitivity.
jerosmith Really enjoyed watching this, excellent casting too! A must see if your in the mood for some good laughs!
SnoopyStyle Dave (Vince Vaughn) and Ronnie (Malin Åkerman) are a loving couple with two little sons. Joey (Jon Favreau) and Lucy Tanzini (Kristin Davis) are high school sweethearts with 18 year old daughter Lacey who is about to go to college. Shane (Faizon Love) is separated from his wife and is with a much younger girlfriend Trudy (Kali Hawk). Jason (Jason Bateman) and Cynthia Smith (Kristen Bell) are unable to conceive and considering divorce. They give a PowerPoint presentation to entice the other three couples to go to therapy resort Eden the next week. The retreat is divided into Eden West for couples and Eden East for singles. Marcel (Jean Reno) is the unusual therapist owner. He is joined by therapists Ken Jeong, John Michael Higgins, Charlotte Cornwell and Amy Hill. Then there is the overly amorous yoga instructor Salvadore (Carlos Ponce).I actually like the various couples and their family in the first 20 minutes. The peeing in the store is a fun joke. This could be a fun family movie with a good cast of couples. I really don't like the resort. The whole vibe for the movie turns. The loving couples become annoyingly combative. The nice family feel turns into a sleazy sex romp and not a good one. Every instructor is annoying. The whole couple's therapy is annoyingly stupid and not funny stupid. I don't want to be in their therapy sessions any more than some of those characters. The shark feeding is kinda funny but very limited.
casstanhope_13 Jon Favreau, Vince Vaught, Faizon Love, Jason Bateman, Kristin Davis, Kristen Bell, Malin Akerman and Jean Reno all co-star in the 2009 romantic comedy Couples Retreat. The cast members are paired as couples and the film begins in the home of Jason (Jason Bateman) and Cynthia (Kristin Bell) with a presentation on why they need a vacation. Starting with the fact that their marriage is on the rocks, they also explain they are having trouble having a child. After finishing the whole slide show the twist is that this couple can only go on this trip if their group of friends goes along with them.After a few convincing talks all the couples take the trip to paradise. The film is set on a gorgeous island and many birds eye view or extremely high camera angles are used to capture the entire beauty of the island where they believe they will be spending and enjoyable and easy vacation. The couples soon realize that their friends Cynthia and Jason have in fact taken them to a tropical paradise, but left out the part that the trip will also be filled with couples therapy and bonding experiences. The director Peter Billingsley does a good job of using high and low camera angles to catch each expression on of the actors as they find out what this wonderful vacation is really all about. He also used wide angles to capture they group reaction to each other and to that of their instructors during each exercise. None of the couples take the exercises with their therapist and instructors seriously except for the neurotic couple Jason and Cynthia.After a long day of therapy the couples learn that this island is not only their side (Eden West) but there is also a singles side (Eden East). The couples decide to make the trip to go and explore the singles area of the island and have a little fun. After a fight about numerous life problems Cynthia leaves in an uproar. The women follow Cynthia and the men with Jason. The women make it to the waterfall fine and run into a handsome man that works for the hotel. They all share drinks and begin to tell him their problems and as a person on the facility he helps them as he flirts his way into more details about each ladies lives.Meanwhile the men have found the cottage of one of their therapist. During the day he seems very pronounced and respected. However they find that he is no more than a geek who loves to play guitar hero.Dave of the men on trip challenges the therapist to a duel if he win they are pointed to the waterfall and no one needs to know they were there and if the therapist wins then he will leave immediatelyThe acting in this movie was great, and although these were not real couples they made every seen realistic and believable. However they worked well together and I was in stitches during the entire film. The director knew how to play with lighting and scenery to feel romance, frustration, totally awkward, and perfectly at piece. The land scape was picked very well for this movie and they story line and twist made it all the more enjoyable.Overall I would recommend this movie. The placement of the camera was great, the scenery was gorgeous and the actors and actresses really know how to make a movie enjoyable. I would recommend this movie to any audience and be ready to laugh.
Adam Cinelioglu I'm not a fan of this genre of film - but Couples Retreat never fails to bore me!It is a much higher standard of a romantic comedy, and has deeper levels than all the wash and reused story lines of most terrible films within this genre that often get high reviews undeservedly.The characters all have their share of screen time and the chemistry between the whole group works hilariously !! No one tries to steal camera time, and the cast doesn't trip over each other in an attempt to try and be the funniest, they give each other space and the interaction works so organically to the situations within the film.The length of the movie is longer than most romantic comedies as well which is not a problem, but is instead a fantastic opportunity for such a genre to actually explore the individual relationships more personally, instead of using the same old relationship issues that we usually see.I usually pick and choose which actors/actresses I preferred in this movie, but all of the cast just clicked so well for me and kept the movie interesting.A really fun movie, great to watch and watch again and again. A fantastic escape with hilarious results and down-to-earth relationship conflicts. A fresh approach to romantic comedies and a brave leap into new waters (no pun intended), and most of all - a success!Definitely worth a watch! (or three!)