District 13: Ultimatum

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Released: 18 February 2009 Released
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Official Website: http://www.b13ultimatum-lefilm.com/

Damien and Leito return to District 13 on a mission to bring peace to the troubled sector that is controlled by five different gang bosses, before the city’s secret services take drastic measures to solve the problem.

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Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
Pluskylang Great Film overall
CommentsXp Best movie ever!
BelSports This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.
slibbo7 Highly enjoyable action movie. Great fights, stunts and a good story which lead to a satisfying ending. Even after all this, I still prefer the first movie, because it introduced us to Parkour. Few years later, Parkour is popular the world over and it's because of films like this and Casino Royale. The first movie had arguably the best action sequences I'd seen for a long time, so it's no surprise for a sequel to pop up, which cranks up the action. Good performances, especially from the two leads, who have the right chemistry for this action comedy. Both Belle and Raffaelli are chief practitioners in the art of Parkour, but also show that they're pretty adept at acting too. I hope they make a third movie because it would be great to see these guys on screen together again. One of the better movies of the year unsurprisingly and I say that because I knew what to expect whilst watching this film and I wasn't disappointed. All in all a fun action movie, that many will enjoy, I know I did.
KineticSeoul Now the first B13 has a passable plot for action movie such as this and didn't take itself too seriously. Which is a positive thing, since it focused more on the parkour action which I am sure most of the audience want to watch. Sure the plot has to be there for the ride, but for a movie such as this it just ain't the main element. But this time around for "Ultimatum" it focuses too much on the plot for it's own good and tries to make it seem like one of those "Bourne" films which doesn't really work. Mainly since the the concept and the direction is still pretty much silly and can't be taken seriously. What I wanted was more of the awesome adrenaline pumped action sequences that was in the first "B13" movie. And for the most part that is what I got out of this, there is some great fight sequences in this and some great parkour sequences as well. But when it came to just talking and moving the plot along, that is where the slow down starts to come in which takes away from the fast paced action scenes. I am not really going to go in depth with the plot, but I will just say it's more of a slow paced and a bit more plot heavy compared to the first "B13". Basically the bad guys that are in high authority wants to blow up the ghetto district, by convincing the president to launch a bomb on the ghettos in "B13" by trying to somewhat frame some of the gangs in "B13". And while this is going on there is some conflict with the gangs and the authorities like the police. There are also more side character this time around, but none of them is memorable at least K2 and his boss Taha was somewhat memorable from the first film. Anyways it's been 5 years for this worthy sequel to come along, and if there is another sequel I hope to not have to wait another 5 years for it. Plus both those two actors and parkour experts are almost in their 40's now, and might slow down their performance with the stunts and all. It would have also been cool if K2 and even Leito's sister made a appearance or even a cameo, but too bad the guy that played K2 died of a heart attack in real life.7.6/10
Matti-Man Happened to catch this sequel on Sky Movies (which was transmitted sub-titled, rather than dubbed, so "thank you" Sky, for that) and thought it was great. I enjoyed it so much that I've just bought the first District 13 film on DVD from Amazon.Cyril Raffaelli makes a good hero in the Jason Stathan mold and I thought the fight choreography was exceptional - as good as anything that comes out of Hong Kong, more realistic than theatrical, and very effective for that.I was very impressed with Elodie Yung, too. Who wouldn't be?Can't wait to see the first film, now ...
Snusmumrikken It was not up to the standard to the first film. I still liked some fight scenes. I saw the deleted and extended scenes on the DVD, and it was basically 9 min of fight footage that was not used. Which i think was too bad. I think most of them should have been included in the film. I feel they could have improved the film a bit. Poor decision in my opinion. I think it had some great new moves from Raffaelli and Belle. In my opinion is these the reasons for it: worse editing in the fights, shaky camera, too little Parkour, too little fights for Belle, some poor camera angles and too little screen time for Belle If they make a third film, which i think they will do. They should have learned the mistakes i mentioned from this film. I hope they can find an even balance between the fights and Parkour scenes. They would be perfect.