2003 "Sex is easy. Love isn't."
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Quirky Jamie Harris is a magnet for less-than-kind men as she hops beds. But things start to look up when she becomes the object of affection of two seemingly normal men. Unfortunately, there's the immense problem of her self-imposed 90-day moratorium on sex.


Drama, Comedy, Romance

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Jane Weinstock

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Easy Audience Reviews

Matialth Good concept, poorly executed.
AshUnow This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
Sameer Callahan It really made me laugh, but for some moments I was tearing up because I could relate so much.
Kien Navarro Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.
Amy Adler As the film opens, Jamie (Marguerite Moreau) is listening, over time, to "dumping" messages left on her answering machine by men. The romances are over, these cads tell her, for a variety of tired and true reasons, everything from returning to former girlfriends/wives to not being ready for seriousness. It is surprising, because Jamie is young, beautiful, intelligent and gifted in the bedroom. Ah, but that's the caveat, it seems, for Jamie is, to ask her sister (Emily Deschanel) or her father (John Rothman) too easy, falling for men on the first date. Jamie finds relief with acupuncture treatments and in her job naming minor products, like new cleaning sprays. She also seeks refuge at her favorite book store, where she often hears the talks of famous authors. At one such event , poet John (Naveen Andrews), an incredibly handsome and smooth-speaking man, accepts Jamie's obvious advances for a date. As he seems to say everything she wants to hear, Jamie finds herself, once again, in bed very quickly. Soon after, John goes hot and cold, giving evidence that he, too, is not ready to be part of a loving couple. In the meantime, Jamie has met a local television celebrity, Mick (Brian F. O'Byrne) at a medical office and the two become fast friends. The TV man is there to comfort her when Jamie gets grief from John. But, could it grow into something else, despite the fact that Jamie finally declares a projected celibacy of six months or more? This is truly and excellent film on the difficult nature of relationships in the modern era. Women, especially, walk a precarious tightrope in the dating game, where men say all the right things, seduce their quarries, and then take off, never to be seen again. Yes, as this fine film shows, females can fall into this trap too easily and must learn to practice more restraint, even if a handsome guy gets away. As the main star, Moreau is utterly fantastic, being both beautiful and touching. Andrews, one of the stars of the English Patient, makes a great cad while O'Byrne's good-guy turn is quite nice. The rest of the cast is likewise fine. The settings, costumes, photography, remarkable script and solid direction complete this film's journey to greatness. Too bad that its really not for the under-18 crowd, for it would be make an excellent springboard for mothers and daughters to discuss the perils of finding Mr. Right. That said, fans of romantic drama will truly welcome this movie as a dynamic, "thinking-woman's" jewel.
edmass Four Weddings and a Funeral meets the Duex ex machine monster. And wins! The first half of the film moves along nicely with warm characters and fairly hot action - but definitely with good taste. But in spite of a numerous the plot twists that are transparently inserted in the second half of the movie to move the viewers emotions along to a happy ending, the warm and clever performance by the female lead carries the day. Marguerite Moreau as the luckless and sometimes feckless and always sexy Jamie Harris makes it all worthwhile. While things should have been wrapped up a couple of scenes earlier, no real harm was done. Just watch it for the joy of her performance.
Kazak Look, I admit that I am a sucker for pretty, witty women who can pull off being cute without overplaying it. So, it makes sense that I would love this movie. But, if you are tired of standard Hollywood fare where everyone is either Hugh Grant or Sandra Bullock, then give this little movie a chance. Sure, it is designed to appear to the romantic in us, but what is wrong with that? Maybe we could use a little more romance and a little less cynicism these days.And I know that some people will struggle with the difficulty in believing that a woman who looks like the star of this film could fall in love with the men co-starring opposite her, but the fact that the men don't look like Hugh Grant is another thing that appeals to me. Even the star looks like a real person, hair a mess, little make-up, swollen eyes. But, without the Hollywood veneer, she is even more real, more lovable because she isn't perfect.Enough reading. Go watch the movie.
allisonrung Never have the shades of modern dating, flashing too quickly from delicious to devastating and back again, been captured so well in film. Brava, Ms.Weinstock, bravissima.Marguerite Moreau's Jamie is so distinct, so rich with idiosyncrasies to a degree that would make most filmmakers nervous, worried to alienate the audience.But the character is charming; it is soon clear that her weirdness is merely an accurate sketch of how distinct we all would be, if our most private momentswere recorded. So the effect, no matter how original, quite marvellously evokes the real, the normal.While nearly every character boasts this unusual realness (an exception isJamie's older sister, who is the only major character that may be construed as a generic type), the situations and feelings they evoke are quite intimately familiar. This is not a typical romantic comedy to be accompanied with strawberry winecoolers and dreamily horny sighs. No seduction is without awkwardness, andthe whole film might be subtitled "imbroglio." So it describes, as it were, real life.Hope we see it distributed soon.