Fifty Shades of Black

2016 "Way shadier than gray."
3.5| 1h32m| R| en| More Info
Released: 28 January 2016 Released
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An inexperienced college student meets a wealthy businessman whose sexual practices put a strain on their relationship.

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Michael Tiddes

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Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
BelSports This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.
victoriaamylloyd I've read the original E.L.James books are actually more accurate to the books than the a real Fifty Shades series using direct quotes and Easter eggs. It is an absolute hilarious film like 'Meet the Blacks'. The postmodernism also was high in this which made its parodorical nature.
Leonardo Sousa It is not today that Marlon Wayans invests in parodies - in fact, he only succeeded in parodies. From All The World in Panic to Paranormal Inactivity, several were the genres and blockbusters that went through their not always funny and often appealing jokes. With fifty shades of black, an obvious parody of fifty shades of gray, the situation does not change much. Only this time, Wayans satirizes a bad movie by nature. Want a better way than scolding him than pointing out all his many faults?Fifty Tones in Black - Foto It is with this proposal that Fifty Tones in Black can even amuse at certain moments. The story is exactly the same, and filmed following the same scenes and scenes from the Sam Taylor-Johnson-directed show - all to highlight how crude the "love story" is between Hannah Steele (Kali Hawk) and Christian Black Wayans, who else?). Of course, as the protagonists are now black, the script explores various jokes around racial prejudice, either by reversing situations in relation to whites or by quoting icons such as Wesley Snipes and Bill Cosby. And, as it could not be but in a film of the Wayans, sometimes it takes heavy in the Bactria.It is at this point that the film complicates, and quite a lot. No matter how conceptually interesting and really good jokes, especially when the main characters enter the famous red room, sequences like the quote to Magic Mike and the exaggerations arising from Black's sexual problems are unnecessary. But on the other hand, that's what Wayans fans expect. On the plus side, this time, they come in smaller dosages and scattered throughout the feature film. That is, they are more "palatable" - if one can use this term when seeing nonsense as the scene of the outgoing navel.Merging embarrassing moments with others where it is possible to laugh with gusto - attention to the clever drafts of the sodomy's session -, Fifty Tons of Black is a very irregular film that works best when viewed as a huge hoax on top of Fifty Shades of Gray. Curiously, or inevitably, it turns out to be better than the satirized - and far superior to the horrific Paranormal Inactivity 1 and 2, also starring Wayans.
hoxjennifer This movie is better suited to a YouTube mini series or a Vine-style comedy. It is hilarious, but only if you don't actually watch the whole thing in one sitting.I watched this movie during study breaks at about 10-20 minute increments at a time. It is definitely cringe-worthy and there are some scenes where the humour is really grasping at straws.But one thing the film has going for it, is that it really follows the original 50 Shades to a T, and when it pokes fun at it, it's really spot on. I personally hated 50 Shades of Grey, and enjoyed spending my breaks entertaining myself with senseless humour every so often. I can't imagine actually sitting through the whole 1 hour and a half of it in one sitting, but I did appreciate the laughs this movie gave me. Best enjoyed in increments - Probably not the best compliment a movie could have, but it does enhance the watching experience in my opinion.
rajatshanu64 that is so so full of comedy movie it is comedy version of fifty shades of Grey whole story is same as i guess but topic are now changed Grey is all about romance and drama and this is just all about comedy or else you can say this is same comedy version like meet the spartan is comedy version of 300 so when you are going to watching a comedy version of any film make sure you did watched it's original version it makes you more laugh. i enjoyed full movie very very much nothing to tell because same as of Grey version but in Grey movie you will enjoy some sex scene and here this guy just come out it 1 min and movie is full with this type comedy and the best dialogue i listen it is when the girl beating men with hunter and she said," And this is for the little white girl in Fifty Shades of Grey she had to be naked in whole movie! this is best dialogue. i don't know why it's IMDb rating is 3.5 i noticed people is not rating much to comedy movies but i give it 9 . some movies have low rating doesn't mean it is flop this is one not it earn doubled then it's budget. i don't know why the i am not watching it for a long time i thought it is just same as the Grey version but yesterday when i watched it's trailer then i got interest.