My Sassy Girl

2008 "She's beautiful, smart, funny and totally crazy."
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Released: 26 June 2008 Released
Producted By: Vertigo Entertainment
Country: United States of America
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A guy has his life planned out until he is wooed, groomed and then dumped by an elusive woman.


Comedy, Romance

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Yann Samuell

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Vertigo Entertainment

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My Sassy Girl Audience Reviews

Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Baseshment I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.
Bob This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.
Dana An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.
santasvelnyte I saw this film a while ago now, but I didn't forget it. It simply is one of those films that not a lot of people know, not a lot of people like, but I am one of those people. It just has something magical inside. I will confess that I've never seen the Korean version, but I do like this one very much. The cast was brilliant, the story, the film itself was so artsy, if that's the right word. Just beautiful. Now, I will not go into the details, because I may not remember everything clearly, but I do remember the end and as we all know, the endings are the best part and this film had a brilliant one.
jaredrknight Luckily I saw the korean film first. I saw this on IMDb when i was giving the original film a ten out of ten.GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL FILM!!!!!!!!This film should burn in hell. This director probably found the original films script translated it to English. Then said hey let's make a romance film! I want the director of this film shot through the head for doing this.GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL FILM!!!!!!Don't even waste your time with this film. Like just about every other reviewer said watch the original before you watch this. This just shows you how far the American Romance genre has fallen. It is sad that the director did this.GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL FILM!!!!!!!!In case you didn't see my subliminal messages in this reviewGO WATCH THE ORIGINAL FILM!!!!!!!!GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL FILM!!!!!!!!GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL FILM!!!!!!!!GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL FILM!!!!!!!!
Desertman84 My Sassy Girl,the 2008 Hollywood version,is a trashy remake of the Korean masterpiece. It was a complete failure and a disappointment.It truly deserves to be a straight-to-DVD release.This movie does not deserve any theatrical release whatsoever.Anyway,the movie stars Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford.Both stars had zero chemistry.Just like the the original film, this is a story of how a nice guy falls in love with a very pretty girl. The guy is Charlie Bellow, a polite, kind-hearted young man from the Midwestern state of Indiana, and the girl is Jordan Roark, a beautiful, fun-loving, emotionally volatile young woman who drinks too much and lives in New York City with her father, who is a wealthy physician.This is where the characterizations of the movie fails.The Girl from the original film was somebody who was wounded inside while Jordan Roark becomes an alcoholic. While Kyun Woo in the original was an intelligent but someone who lack direction and self-confidence in life whom The Girl falls for due to some mysterious reason,Charlie Bellow becomes a handsome and a nice-guy who simply gets attracted to the opposite in terms of character.The characters in the remake are as shallow as they can get.The movie practically follows the same story of the Korean masterpiece but obviously nobody cares nor empathizes with both Jordan and Charlie.Both looked like a cartoon-like characters instead of human beings in this movie. What's worse,their love story was a complete CHEESE and their adventures have become pure slapstick comedy.According to its director Yann Samuel,"It's a fable about destiny, in the end."But in reality,it was a fable about two idiotic characters that are destined for one another". Skip this one and watch the original.
Danielle First, let me say that I didn't know this was a remake of a Korean film, so this review will not be a comparison of the two movies, it just discusses the merits of this one.I wanted to like this movie, partly because I really like Jesse Bradford, but mostly because I really love offbeat romantic comedies, and this certainly qualifies as that. I did like this movie, but I didn't love it.I think it gets better in the second half, especially after you find out more about Jordan's character. Before you understand her, she's just a really annoying person, and I couldn't imagine what this kind and gentle young man could possibly see in her.I think this movie works, but it's pretty far along the continuum of offbeat. I wouldn't discourage people from seeing this, but if you've read this far, I'll make a pitch for some offbeat romances that I liked better: Maze (2000) with Rob Morrow and Laura Linney, Dedication (2007) with Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore (don't scoff, she was great in this), Elvis and Anabelle (2007) with Max Minghella and Blake Lively. Check out all 4 of these, if you like romance without the cookie-cutter Hollywood banalities.