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Released: 10 November 2016 Ended
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A British intelligence officer has to ensure that a captured German scientist helps the British develop jet aircraft.

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Stephen Poliakoff

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GamerTab That was an excellent one.
Actuakers One of my all time favorites.
Intcatinfo A Masterpiece!
Baseshment I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.
rsg-25524 The acting of Alfred Molina is worth the time. Yes, I agree with some that the plot has some unlikely twists and down ends, but overall I enjoyed the series. Lindsey Duncan and Angela Bassett are noteworthy. Perhaps from a British viewpoint the series didn't dig deep enough, but frankly I found the characters with their obvious guilt and pain over the war very human. I see so many murder mystery series that this was refreshing looking at this time period. So I don't know if they will ever do another season, but I wish they would.
jcossins I thought this was such a change from the usual dramas on the TV, which basically try to replicate real life. This is really stylised, and I love it! The whole atmosphere of the series is quite odd and intriguing and seems like it is almost made for a stage production, simply because the settings are only in a few distinct locations. I know it has a historical setting but it is a drama not a documentary, and therefore does not have to include real historical figures or events (something that I think some of the reviewers have got a bit confused with...) The acting is great, despite what other reviewers have said. I think other people are disappointed because the acting seems wooden and the language a bit stunted, but this is because of the stylisation (if that is a word!) of the production. Also I wonder whether the fairly level tone - ie not a lot of polarity between calm and excitement - made people rather bored, but I loved this aspect of the production. It's interesting that of all the negative reviews I read, almost all of the authors of those reviews did watch all episodes or 6/7 episodes - surely if it was that bad they would have stopped after the first episode? This drama has really polarised people into a "love it" or "hate it" side. I am definitely in the "love it" side. And I loved this so much that this is the first review I have written.
fastfred-78611 I totally agree with Dave Mason from the UK. Victor was Norman Bates. Every scene Freddie Hightower was in was just like watching him in Bates Motel. Type casting is one thing but this was unacceptable. I was glad when he tried to top himself. I loved the story. I loved the music. If not for Freddie Hightower I would have given it a 10. I was a little shocked to not see more reviewers mentioning the Victor Norman similarity. To be fair I also think Freddie is the weakest thing in Bates Motel. Enough about Freddie. I love UK TV and find it more stimulating than the run of the mill predictable US offerings. This show has much to be appreciated. Just try to let the type casting not turn you off.
keith-malin-702-907019 I've spent the last week wading through the treacle of 6 of the 7 tedious episodes of this series, hoping that one week I will be surprised by something resembling quality. I'm still waiting. There are so many bad things about this self-indulgent series, but in the end I feel it boils down to two (and they are both biggies): the script and the acting. My heart bleeds for both Jim Sturgess and Freddie Highmore if they feel they have been constrained by an appalling script, but both are misfits in this series and it's so easy to imagine plenty of others having a better crack at it. Callum's "anger" (which has finally revealed itself in episode 6) just doesn't wash, and it is not delivered with any real conviction or strength. Victor's part is a complete disaster, utterly unbelievable and delivered, like Callum's, in the most cardboard, two-dimensional of ways. I had hopes for Alfred Molina (at least his acting credentials are strong), but his part, which looked like it might be building up to delivering something resembling dramatic tension, collapsed in a heap with the utter nonsense of his long-trailed speech at the dinner. And the other characters dance around in their own shallow way: Dieter "I'll never work for you: oh all right then", the perfume lady, the female spy, the shadowy figure, the plastic brigadier etc etc. There's barely a strong and believable character in the entire show: Miss Griffiths gives it a good shot.Poliakoff should not have been allowed to develop this idea and to bewitch the BBC to run it as shown. There is a gem in there, the notion of representing (for a change) a genuinely interesting and ambiguous era between war and Cold War, but a firm editorial hand on the tiller was needed, and someone should have stopped his fanciful, distant, arrogant and somewhat academic approach to the whole thing from taking over. Oh, and let's throw some jazz in as well because the writer likes that sort of thing.Hugely disappointed by this offering. It started badly and, frankly, just got worse. Just compare it with, for example, The Night Manager, and you will see the yawning, dimensional gaps between them.

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