The Dark Side of the Moon

1990 "Beyond Rescue ... Beyond Reason ... Beyond Salvation"
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Released: 30 May 1990 Released
Producted By: Wildstreet Pictures
Country: United States of America
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It is the year 2022. A mysterious systems failure causes the crew of a spaceship to be stranded on the dark side of the moon, while rapidly running out of fuel and oxygen. They are surprised to discover a NASA space shuttle floating in space, and board it in the hope of salvaging some supplies. One by one, the crew is possessed and killed, and it is up to Paxton Warner to find the links between the dark side of the moon, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Devil himself.

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D.J. Webster

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The Dark Side of the Moon Audience Reviews

Hellen I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much
Phonearl Good start, but then it gets ruined
Intcatinfo A Masterpiece!
filippaberry84 I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.
deltavision Dark side of the moon is a very very bad movie. The acting is poor and the special effects are even worse. Many mistakes made which started in scene 1 when a huge, and I mean a enormous ship disappears behind the moon. That ship must be the size of a small moon, but when they approach it, it's about the same size as the ship they are on. Second mistake was the satellite shooting a rocket from earths orbit to the ship in orbit around the moon, and it takes just a second to reach. Then the interior of the space shuttle seems like the size of the death star. The only spaces in the shuttle are the flight deck, lower deck and cargo bay. Then the guy in the airlock while it detach, he should be frozen and dead.The story is great and it would've been a great movie if the actors were good and the director wasn't a second rank idiot with a camera at his finger tips.A shame, and hopefully one of the real studios will take the effort to make a remake.
agremlin82 DANGER…, SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSI'm very surprised that there were so many positive comments about this fine feature film. I'd hate to rain on this parade, but as "drbecker's" comments on April 14, 2011 mentioned, there were a few things that don't really work in this wonderful film. Not even referring to the acting, more the script. The writers really had no idea what they were talking about. The vast majority of the mistakes I saw should not have been allowed to stay in the script. Event Horizon came out years later with the same basic premise, but they did a much better job with the science woven into the plot. This one was a mess. Just a few things I had a problem with…• Minor, but I gotta wonder, the production studio could afford decent replicas of EVA spacesuits which have area lights on the helmets which are never used. They carry hand-held flashlights instead when entering the shuttle. • 2nd in command doesn't tell anyone anything about what he's found out about the Bermuda Triangle (B.T.), maybe important to let the gang in on why they're all screwed. And if they don't believe him he can remind them that they just docked with a 30+ year old spacecraft with no crew or fuel onboard that was never designed to go to the moon. Any far-fetched claims would be looking pretty good by then. Also, you see a crewmember being attacked and you've been locked in the computer room, hey, how about calling somebody else to help her? • It's idiotic to lock-out the rest of the crew from the computer just because you're the ships I.T. specialist. If you die they're screwed. Also, an incredible amount of space wasted by installing a sexy manikin/A.I., unless of course it's used for sex then it's justified. • A demon is in control the ship, shutting down needed systems, locking doors and isolating crewmen and women at the worst possible times. Collecting parts from the derelict would also be expected to fail. Why not blow yourself up now and get it over with. No sense in letting El Diablo mess with your head if you blow your head off. That'll teach him. • Why are they carrying automatic weapons on a spacecraft??? You damage the hull, blow out a window or destroy equipment then you're pretty damn well screwed. • What's the deal with the abdominal slicing and dicing? • Passage behind the moon would only take a matter of 20-40 minutes depending on velocity unless you're hovering in the shadow or falling to the moon's surface. If you're falling it's not going to take 24 hours to hit the dirt, or bite the dust so to speak. And if your velocity was not enough to allow one to get caught in the moons gravity it'll just drift past the moon. • Alignment with the Bermuda triangle to that area of the moon would be constantly changing as the earth spins and the moon orbits the planet. An alignment would only be effective for a few minutes in a day. Additionally, the area they refer to as "the dark side of the moon" is always faced away from the earth so alignment with the B.T. is impossible. • The typical design of the space shuttles contains a command section and a cargo bay. There are not several floors, corridors, compartments, crawl space vents or sunken floor saunas built into it. The cargo compartment is just a big open space. • Why put an orbital missile platform anywhere near the moon. Its 258,000 miles away. Missiles fired from the weapons platform would have to compensate for the moons gravitational field as well as go around the moon; also it's generally more than a day's travel from a high-speed platform compared to an earth orbital platform which can destroy targets in 30 minutes or less or your money back. • Detonating a nuclear weapon within close proximity to your spacecraft is really bad ideas as if it's a space-based missile system the warheads will likely have an incredibly high yield. In other words, there isn't enough sun block in Florida to help you • 1990's era shuttle craft does not have artificial gravity, umbilical lines or a docking tunnel. They don't have traditional fuel tanks, they have maneuvering thrusters only. • You cannot survive for more than a few seconds in zero atmosphere. • Electronics today change from month to month, The relays they spent so much time trying to find will not work in a craft made 30 years later.It could have been better had they even began to understand a principal spacecraft they wrote into the script. This one doesn't support the story line. They could have poised it further into the future, using a craft made 50 years into the future. That along with the writing plot holes, primarily when facts are discovered and you don't inform the rest of the crew. If it slipped his mind this story line is crap.
bayardhiler Okay I admit, at first glance a plot that involves outer space, a missing ship, the devil, the moon, and the Bermuda Triangle to boot might sound like a terrible idea for a movie. Yet, 1990's direct to video charmer "The Dark Side of the Moon" (No connection to the epic Pink Floyd album) manages to pull it off rather decently. The year is 2022 and a space ship responsible for maintaining a fleet of nuclear armed satellites starts having a series of mysterious equipment malfunctions. To make matters worse, the crew finds out they will run out of air in twenty-four hours unless help arrives. But then, in a seemly stroke of good luck, they discover an old NASA space shuttle floating around (where else?) the dark side of the moon. Nobody from the shuttle answers the crew's radio calls and when they board it, they discover the body of an astronaut with a chest wound in the shape of a perfect triangle. But the shuttle also has air and rather than let it go to waste, the crew takes it along with the body. Big mistake, for not long after that, crew member Giles Stewart (Will Bledsoe) discovers through his ship's computer (Which for some reason is in the form of a sexy female android named Lesli!) that the shuttle crash landed in the Bermuda triangle twenty years ago! Too bad he didn't discover this sooner because one by one the crew is being stalked, killed, and taken over by a dark, unseen force, the devil himself. Can the crew overcome this evil or is it too late?Even though this is an unusual plot for a movie, everything comes together nicely to create a compelling film. One factor is the film's dark atmosphere that is created by having as little light as possible on the sets, which quickly establishes that our protagonists are surrounded by an escapable blackness that threatens to swallow them up. The special effects, while not the greatest in cinema history, also serve the film well. The ships floating in space look real enough and speaking of space, it has never looked quite as dark and bleak as it does here. Even the make-up and voice effects used for when a person is overtaken by the dark one are creepy in a subtle way, especially when it comes to the eyes! But the thing that really makes the film stand out is the top caliber of the acting used throughout the picture by everyone, be it Joe Turkel as the ship's chief mechanic, Alan Blumenfeld as the ship's doctor, Robert Sampson as the captain, or Giles Stewart as the ship's lieutenant. This is one of those cases where the actors know they are not doing "Hamlet" but they still give it their all and because of that it makes the movie all the more better. Compare that to the low budget monster films made today, like Syfy's original movies. True, the movie is a bit of a rip off of "Alien" but as another reviewer here said it's one of the better rip offs of that classic. "The Dark Side of the Moon" is certainly more entertaining than most of today's films, including (Dare I say it) 2013's "Gravity", which wasn't bad but was overrated. If you like low budget charmers and have some time on your hands, check this out if you get the chance. P.S. I'm pretty certain the movie is available on you tube.
chgoblkmasc When watching Sci-Fi movies, there is a certain level of disbelief that comes into play. But even then, there should be basic 'rules'. Here the director didn't even follow science rules that literally a first-second grader would know was incorrect. Example:'When you are outside the spacecraft, and not in a space suit, you cannot breathe' "When someone is infected with something, and you know they are infected, you quarantine them. You do not merely put them in a room, unwatched, and everyone can come and go as they please"(this is even after the first discovered death) "Have a computer android built like a porn star dressed in leather(not making this up), who has access to every piece of data stored on any computer, anytime, including missing viking ships from 3,000 years ago, yet no one thought about rewinding the video feed to see how someone was killed in the medical lab"I could go on and on. That's not being picky, or requesting common sense, or whining that someone has the wrong accent, just blatant disregard for the audience. The two things the movie had going for it was it creepiness, and neat plot line as to what was going on, shame it was wasted. If you are remotely a thinker in any type of way, you will hate this movie. If you are a non-thinker and looking for mindless drivel, it may actually work.