Young Guns II

1990 "Yoo-Hoo, I'll make ya famous!"
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Released: 01 August 1990 Released
Producted By: 20th Century Fox
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Three of the original five "young guns" — Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez), Jose Chavez y Chavez (Lou Diamond Phillips), and Doc Scurlock (Kiefer Sutherland) — return in Young Guns, Part 2, which is the story of Billy the Kid and his race to safety in Old Mexico while being trailed by a group of government agents led by Pat Garrett.

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Geoff Murphy

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Young Guns II Audience Reviews

TinsHeadline Touches You
Lawbolisted Powerful
AnhartLinkin This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.
Hattie I didn’t really have many expectations going into the movie (good or bad), but I actually really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters and the banter between them.
A_Different_Drummer In my other IMDb reviews I have lamented several things which broadly fall into the same two categories of complaint: 1. That because of the marketing practises of the industry, TV is slowly but surely producing a higher quality of product than theatrical film; and 2. They don't make em like they used to.Broadly, the sequel (and the 1988 original) fall into the second category. Effortlessly brilliant. So many many attempts at telling the Billy The Kid story using the star power of a single lone actor (Paul Newman comes to mind) and here someone had the wit to take a handful of actors at their historical peak (Lou Diamond Phillips never looked so good) and just made the thing work.Notes: 1. As good as or better than the first, because, lacking the story of how Billy "became" Billy, the writers worked harder to keep things moving. And it shows.2. Great soundtrack, better than the first 3. William Petersen in another solid portrayal, this before the success of CSI (his idea!) make him wealthy enough for early retirement 4. Great idea to incorporate in the opening shot the notion that Billy (and indeed Jesse James) survived to a ripe old age. There are individuals who have devoted their whole lives to researching this topic and their efforts are impressive, if under-reported.
ma-cortes This is the sequel to successful film titled 'Young Guns'(1998 , by Christopher Cain) with similar players and concerning about Billy and his band heading toward the Old Mexico and pursued by a posse. Revisionist and contemporary study about William Bonney, alias Billy the Kid . Billy(Emilio Estevez) became a cowboy in Lincoln County (New Mexico) for cattleman Tunstall allied to Chisum (James Coburn) , but Tunstall is killed and started the Lincoln County war against Murphy as main enemy . Billy seeks revenge for his death and he converted an outlaw and nasty gunfighter with a price on his head . Then Billy along with a young group (Kiefer Sutherland, Christian Slater, Lou Diamond Phillips , Balthazar Getty) have their own ethic codes and undergo a criminal spree . The bunch is besieged but they went out firing his gun and made his escape . However , the Kid was caught and convicted of killing and sentenced to be hanged ; though shackled foot and hand , he managed to getaway from prison by shooting dead the deputies (Leon Rippy) guarding him. Pat Garret( William H Petersen), a former friend, was elected sheriff and set off in pursuit to capture him and on 1881 tracked at Fort Sumner and there shot him dead by surprise. It is said that Chisum was instrumental in making Billy the Kid an outlaw killer, he used his considerable influence in getting Garret elected Sheriff of Lincoln County in 1880 and it was Pat who hunted down and killed the young outlaw . Garret and his gang pull off a hot chase against the outlaws. Legend says that Billy murdered 21 men in his 21 years of life but is really thought to be much less. After Pat Garrett was not reelected sheriff of Lincoln County, however he was commissioned a captain in the Texas Rangers. On 19 February 1908 he was driving his buggy on a lonely desert road, he stepped down to urinate and was shot in the back by a hired killer. A man stood trial for the murder but was acquitted. Controversy still surrounds the end of Pat Garrett . This is an in interesting look about the known story of the West's greatest bandit. Contemporary-style Western with acceptable performances and professional direction by Geoff Murphy who creates some good action scenes. The Kid is well played ,though sometimes overacting , by Emilio Estevez, he plays as a likable, sympathetic, attractive young and favourite with girls. This passable Western packs lots of action, shootouts, and explosive violence . Taut excitement throughout, beautifully photographed and with spectacular bloodletting but realized with some flaws . The story is exactly like ¨The young guns I¨ with loads of noisy action and violence. The film gets spectacular shoot em'up , thrills , exciting horse pursuits ; it's entertaining , although nothing new but displays an ordinary pace and with no originality . The movie contains some moment of grisly violence and even touching on the relationships between the fugitives . Colorful and great cinematography by Dean Semler. Modern and unfitting musical score by Alan Silvestri with songs by Jon Bon Jovi. The motion picture will appeal to Western fans.
lost-in-limbo The follow up to "Young Guns" is just as entertaining, if nothing more. As for accuracy look elsewhere, because this quick draw teenage (looking to be hip) aimed western is a passable gung-ho outing by director Geoff Murphy. It's not tough, but it's buoyant. One thing I noticed more was the comical angle being in full force with a lot of smarting quips and the blaring image of seeking fame or making a name for yourself as it seems to take priority over ones own life. All glory, little else in seeking to make a name to go down in history. Even Jon Bon Jovi chips away with his tune "Blaze of Glory" and contributes to most of the scorching rock soundtrack. The performances are variably delivered in a dead serious or sardonically cheeky manner. The likes Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips and the lively Emilio Estevez as Billy the Kid return. Estevez dons on some make-up to age him, which only looks ridiculous and so is his croaky narration running through the feature. Some new faces with Christian Slater, Alan Ruck, Viggo Mortensen and William Petersen's steely conviction giving the best performance of the lot as Pat Garrett. When he takes up the offer to hunt down Billy, there's something imposing about Petersen's figure dressed in black and those glazed eyes. Also you got small parts from Tracey Walter and James Coburn (who played Garratt in Sam Peckinpah's Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid) to chew on his lines to quickly spit them out. Murphy does a stylish job delivering on theatrically set-up gunfights and adding some scope to his craftsmanship. Outside the witty exchanges, there are also plenty of spirited visual gags too. I didn't mind the humour and found it rather fitting.
insomniac_rod The perfect movie to watch as a kid and understand the "buddy" term in pop culture, well, in Western.The action is great but the movie's best feature is it's fast pace. The events are all extremely entertaining if you really get into the plot. You know, it deals with the good against the bad guys.The acting is also pretty good specially from Lou Diamond Phillips and Emilio Estevez. Both were my childhood heroes! Well there's not much to say about the movie except that it deals with good against evil and the Western problematics that have to be solved with plenty of guns!Watch it in order to understand the early 90's way of film making.