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Released: 16 December 2016 Ended
Producted By: Warner Bros. Animation
Country: United States of America
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Official Website: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/justice-league-action/index.html

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead the DC Super Heroes against their most infamous foes.

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Warner Bros. Animation

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Justice League Action Audience Reviews

AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
Plustown A lot of perfectly good film show their cards early, establish a unique premise and let the audience explore a topic at a leisurely pace, without much in terms of surprise. this film is not one of those films.
Aneesa Wardle The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.
Philippa All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
Logan the disney xd (loganthedisneyxd) Star vs the force of evil. is Now Unacceptable All this time, But is This Justice League Action is Now Still Live, They Must Be Re-watching For The New Beginning This Time Them All The Other Super Hero TV-Show Anyway Now....Even Those Girl with The Royal Magic Wand. Calls Star Butterfly. is Now Unacceptable For All This time, But.. By The New Beginning On This New Focus, Which the Superhero Is Now Known was Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Rotating Members of the Justice League. By This Time. The Adventure of This Worthy Member of Justice League Will Be Continue, Between This Star Butterfly Was Dies Out Now..When The Blow Up And Destroyed of Star Butterfly And This Star vs the force of evil But All Those People Will Be Need The New Beginning On This Justice League Action..
Cyclonians Justice league action is like time traveling back to the early 2000s Cartoon Network, very similar animations to DC cartoons from that era, because they don't use that animation style anymore.Is it good?, well yes, from a person who has watched Cartoon Network since 1999, its very decent.But it needs be aired more often because it only gets aired when Cartoon Network has the Action weekend thing.My rating of it is a 8.9/10 its one of the stronger programs on Cartoon Network right now next to Regular Show.
xfalconx-05827 Let's get this clear, this is not young justice or voltron legendary defender, this is just a 10- minute episode cartoon that has no character development or story, but has a striking balance of humour and action. I hope the episodes get a little longer, because what I'm seeing is an instant gratification of a lot of good action and exposition. While I disliked the animation at first I can safely say now that it works quite well for the story and has some nostalgia of Bruce timms art style, and indeed, the art director did work for Bruce Timm. The cartoon mainly consists of shorts that revolve around the insanely big DC gallery of heroes and villains, were it quickly starts with an action scene, and ends with a punchline, but that doesn't mean it's not fun, I'm actually surprised at the balance they managed to reach. You don't get bored, and these 10 minutes end up being one of the finer times you spent in your day. All in all batman the brave and the bold ( the closes series to this, if not its original inspiration) has a finer art style and a longer more consistent plot, the only nitpick I have with this is like I said, too short. But for now, in this lackluster era of animation, I'm only enjoying Tmnt and voltron, and this is a fine addition to watch, surprisingly recommended.
Charles Herold (cherold) I used to watch a lot of the superhero animated series in the '90s, but haven't seen any for a while. I'd heard this one was good so I thought I'd take a look, but the first episode lost me immediately.I don't love the art style, but I could live with it. What I couldn't deal with was the manic pace. The series is pure action with virtually no time spent on story or character. The show starts with a fight, soon there's an explosion, more fighting, a little explanation, some more fighting. The series from the '90s like Batman the Animated Series and X-Men had characters, stories, a point of view. This show might be fine if you're a kid - I haven't been a kid since the '70s so I can't speak to that - but this series doesn't not give me much hope for the current state of TV kids cartoons.