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7.5| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 07 October 2014 Ended
Producted By: Warner Bros. Television
Country: United States of America
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After being struck by lightning, CSI investigator Barry Allen awakens from a nine-month coma to discover he has been granted the gift of super speed. Teaming up with S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry takes on the persona of The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive, to protect his city.


Drama, Sci-Fi

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KnotMissPriceless Why so much hype?
Spidersecu Don't Believe the Hype
Gary The movie's not perfect, but it sticks the landing of its message. It was engaging - thrilling at times - and I personally thought it was a great time.
Francene Odetta It's simply great fun, a winsome film and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.
Leofwine_draca Review of Season One:THE FLASH is another addition to the DC Comics universe, and very similar in scope to ARROW. However, I found this season to be slightly preferable to ARROW; it doesn't have that po-faced seriousness that ARROW has going on, and the characters are more likeable as a result. It's generally a villain of the week kind of picture, although there is a mildly engaging storyline that emerges and comes to fruition towards the climax. The performers are generally confident and ambitious, which helps a lot, although the CGI effects leave something to be desired and there's a certain constraint and repetitive nature to the action scenes due to the superhero's power and in this respect ARROW is the superior show. I was delighted to see some genre favourites, including Liam McIntyre and Clancy Brown, appearing in support.
pragyapari This is THE best show I have ever watched... I love sci-fi everything and this show is amazing.. I watch this show on repeat.... Please just don't kill "Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes)" in season 5...his acting is amazing no doubt... He's the main reason I watch this show... He's funny he's talented
priceturner Reviewing shows can be quite a challenge so I'll be reviewing by seasons Season 1 The first season of the "Arrow" spin-off, gives us one of DC comics best superheroes, and in one it's best shows no less. Buoyed by Grant Gustin's Phenomenal performance as Barry Allen who captures all the fun, energy, and heart of the character, the ensemble cast also proves fantastic. The light tone, beautiful storytelling and great character moments prove this to be one of the best Superhero shows on television.Season 2 The second season of "The Flash" proves the show has much more than a season under its belt. Thanks to the continued love from each of the cast, and welcomed new comers Keyian Lionsdale and Teddy Sears. The Zoom story arch is fantastic and with the introduction of the fan favorite multiverse, allowing for greater adventures down the road. This season balances all of the fun, drama, fan service, and character moments all wrapped up in an unexpected ending that will leave you breathless.Season 3 This season starts off with a bang, introducing us to the Flashpoint arch, but sadly butchers the classic comic storyline by only using it in one episode. The rest of the season in terms of story is very jumbled, containing many great moments and episodes with a lot going on. The cast continues to shine and I've got to say Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, and Jesse L. Martin, are fantastic in the show (and always have been) but this season they all really get to shine in terms of character development and great interactions with one another proving they are much more than a cast, but a family. The introduction of Kid-Flash is nice and the villain is the worst, but Grant has a nice turn portraying both characters. A nice season but has some story problems that could've been more interesting.Season 4 The fourth season is a lot of build up and little pay off, in story once again. In terms of character it's fantastic Barry and Iris go through some of the best development and continue to shine as there respective characters. (Especially after getting married) New cast members Hartley Sawyer and Neil Sandilands (when he is there) do great in there respective roles. The Thinker is also a great villain when Sandilands is on screen, we never see him that often and when he switches bodies it gets on my nerves. The season also tries to squeeze in so many storylines its hard to keep up (and they're all good, it's just a lot) all in all it's a good season, but it's wildly ambitious and tries to many ideas.
anesushizha This show started out great in Season 1 and Season 2 until it became Team Iris instead of The Flash. They do the most ridiculous things that do not make sense. It feels like Im watching a silly cartoon for kids. I do not recommend this show. It starts great then becomes so cheesy! Same as Super girl, Arrow and LOT. They are all stupid now. Only meant for kids. I will stick to mature Marvel TV shows. If you complain about Iris on their FB page they will block you. How cool is that controlling what your viewers say. So I rate this a 1. I would have given it a 0/10