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Released: 19 November 1994 Canceled
Producted By: Marvel Films
Country: United States of America
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Bitten by a neogenetic spider, Peter Parker develops spider-like superpowers. He uses these to fight crime while trying to balance it with the struggles of his personal life.

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Spider-Man Audience Reviews

Alicia I love this movie so much
Pluskylang Great Film overall
Hayden Kane There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes
Staci Frederick Blistering performances.
Nick Lattin-Scheetz This is probably by far the best cartoon to represent the early Spider-Man universe, while it may not be as good as Spectacular Spider-Man it definitely deserved its applause it got. Although first lets talk about what falls flat: 1. instead of focusing on Spidey's personal life as Peter Parker and how it clashes with him being a superhero, the focus goes toward a new villain being introduced, or a crossover between the web-head and another superhero. 2. The pacing is s--t, it throws so many new concepts at you with such frequency, you don't have time to digest it all. 3. (This is a nitpick it doesn't affect the story and show as a whole) The HobGoblin is introduced before the Green Goblin and in the comics it's supposed to be the other way around 4. Every time a villain does something bad Spider-Man is the first person they blame for it, they clearly seem too dumb to live. 4. Mary-Jane Watson's Aunt Anna is by far the most annoying character in the show, every single scene she's in has her insulting Peter, literally every scene she's in, she will never ever say anything good about Peter, she's even insulted her in front of Mary- Jane and Aunt May, how is it that J. Jonah Jameson, Peter's boss, can create the Scorpion to kill him not knowing he's Spider-Man, run several campaigns against him, put a bounty on his head twice, and still be more likable than Anna Watson? 5. the voice direction and dialogue is lame, everyone over-enunciates, points out the obvious, and states what they're gonna do out loud before doing it. For example, Spider-Man always has an inner monologue in every episode that never stops, when half of what he's babbling about could be established visually, if Samurai Jack and Batman: the animated series could do it so could this. OK on to the good stuff 1. The show knows how to stay true to the original stories from the comics while also adding some new and unique twists to them. 2. Even though Spider-Man's mono-logging is annoying they make up for that by giving him some very funny one-liners, in fact Spider-Man was lucky enough to have all the best dialogue compared to everyone else. 3. Jameson happens to also be very funny to listen to, him and his clever insults towards the web head are one of the many highlights. 4. The theme song is great, the lyrics are trash but the instrumental part rules, just listen to those awesome guitar riffs and you'll see what I mean, and that's my review for Spider-Man: the animated series, yes there are major issues with it but the stuff that's good is really good so get together with your fellow Spidey fans and give it a watch
whofandom I love this series, I loved it as a child and I finished re-watching now and it still holds up. This version of Spider-man is by far the best, it takes everything from the comics and brings it to reality, the action is great and the dialog is even better with it's superb cast of voice actors that bring characters like Spider-man all the way down to the spot to life in such an amazing way, if you are a fan of Spider-Man then I guarantee you that you will love it and miss it once it's done. The only gripes i have with the series is the digital animation but to be honest it didn't bother me and all superhero cartoons have bad digital animation at least once or twice.From the characters to the stories it can make you cheer and make you tear that's why I'm giving it an 10/10.
legend_killer0123 I watched this show as a kid. Even Fox Kids was not broad casted in my country i often got episodes from local video houses. I always wished to see the full animated series as a child but i never got to.Now after all those years i noticed the name of this show on wikipedia and i remembered that this is the same show i always wanted to watch as a child. I was jubilant to learn that all of the episodes are available on marvel.com so with great expectations i started watching the episodes with sweet memories of my childhood.First of all let me make it clear that the show focused on spiderman's private life so much as it did on his superhero adventures. So mary jane and peter's relationship is a recurring issue throughout the series. The first four seasons of the show were brilliant to say the least. I had so much high expectations from season 5 but ultimately i was shattered. First of all we get to see our beloved hero finally tie the knot with mary jane then all of a sudden we see that it was all a lie and that after all that happened she was just a clone and she just disintegrates right in front of spiderman's eyes. This was the most depressing footage i ever saw on screen and i was just shattered. I hate to admit it i even fell into tears. Even Batman who is the most darkest superhero of all doesn't have such a depressing story line whether it is live action or animation or even for that matter comics.After that i got hold of myself and i hoped that peter reunites with mary jane in the finale. But it was not all that i had expected. After i watched the final episode i felt betrayed and i just wanted to smash my computer screen. It was a terrible end. After all that inter dimensional saga we didn't even saw mary jane's face in the finale. It pained me so much. Then i surfed through the internet hoping to get some answers and with much to my dismay i found out that the proposed next season was cancelled just because of some stupid disagreement between the channel head and show's executive producer. This is just awful. I mean how could they do this to us. Do they think the audience are really that foolish? Very disappointing end indeed. I feel dismal now to have ever watched the show. Forget about me i watched the show in a matter of few days but what about the audience that watched the show for years and they were never a given a satisfying end. Do i have to now check the climax of every show before watching it to know whether the end is satisfying or not. It's completely understandable to cancel a program due to production troubles, drop in ratings etc but even for that one should provide something satisfying so that the audience who remained loyal to them regardless of their quantity are satisfied. As for this show even if some disagreements occurred they should have made a special episode tying up all the loose ends. What harm could it have done anyone to produce one more episode just to satisfy the fans. Still if that was difficult they should have ended the show with the episode the wedding where it could have been shown that he had sacrificed everything that he had for the good of the city and now it was time for him to happy. There must be some sort of limitation on every show that doesn't allow it to end abruptly. The channels have to take up that responsibility. The audience have had enough of shows that leave them hanging and disappointed.Overall i would rate the show 5 out of 10. I know many fans of the show will not agree. My sincere apology to them but my personal view is that the end was not appropriate and i think most people will agree about that. I can't rate the show more than 5 because of just a terrible climax. What the climax did to my feelings was exactly the same Bane tried to do to Gotham in the dark knight rises movie. First devastate them. That was done to me by the clone saga. Then give them false hope which was given to me by the fact that there are still episodes remaining and then completely destroy them which was done to me by the climax. Had the show been given a climax i would have rated this 10 out of 10 even thought i felt awful about the clone saga.
Anthony Nardelli Really, this is my favorite cartoon of all time. Growing up as a small kid watching it everyday when coming home from school i quickly became a huge fan of the series and Spider-Man himself, if i hadn't had seen this series i would probably never had been a Spider-Man fan. Every episode was amazing they always had a great cliff hanger, great story, great characters, great voice actors and great animation. The Venom Saga was easily my favorite storyline i remember watching all the time on VHS after receiving it as a Christmas present, the storyline was amazing, i didn't read the Spider-Man comics to know the origin of the Symbiote but this TV Show told it better as far as staying in Spider-Mans world.The Storyline was very dark and scary if only the Spider-Man 3 film had followed the symbiote story it would have made more sense and been better but the storyline was pure incredible, Peters dark side was unique and scary. Venom quickly became one of my favorite villain to ever step into the Superhero world. The series didn't have the character of Gwen Stacy but i was totally fine by, i didn't discover her character until years later. The Green Goblin was always my second favorite character of the show his design was perfect and his character was perfect as well and he delivered one of the most amazing evil laughs i have ever heard. The series didn't feature much Electro so that disappointed me because he is my favorite villain ever believe it or not. I always enjoyed The Black Cat and Spider-Man episodes mainly because i enjoyed the love relationship storyline a ton, i enjoyed it more then the Peter and MJ story lines likely because Black Cat was like Spider-Man a lot fighting crime. If you are now in your teens and are a die hard Spider-Man fan it is likely because you grew up watching this series, like myself. This series is very special to me and it will always remain my favorite cartoon series ever. 10/10