A Bluebird in My Heart

2018 "A Film By Jérémie Guez"
6.3| 1h26m| NA| en| More Info
Released: 10 March 2018 Released
Producted By: Labyrinthe Films
Country: France
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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An ex-con's attempts to live a quiet life are derailed when the daughter of the woman sheltering him is the victim of a vicious attack.



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Jérémie Guez

Production Companies

Labyrinthe Films


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A Bluebird in My Heart Audience Reviews

JinRoz For all the hype it got I was expecting a lot more!
Bluebell Alcock Ok... Let's be honest. It cannot be the best movie but is quite enjoyable. The movie has the potential to develop a great plot for future movies
Hayden Kane There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes
Paynbob It’s fine. It's literally the definition of a fine movie. You’ve seen it before, you know every beat and outcome before the characters even do. Only question is how much escapism you’re looking for.