2013 "Love. Beauty. Wealth. Eternity."
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After losing her mother in a tragic accident, Beckett Warner realizes that her troubles may be far worse—her school is run by a coven of beautiful women who perpetuate their youth by drinking the blood of virgins.

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Hilary Brougher

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Innocence Audience Reviews

Redwarmin This movie is the proof that the world is becoming a sick and dumb place
Evengyny Thanks for the memories!
VeteranLight I don't have all the words right now but this film is a work of art.
Erica Derrick By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Dustin Falcon Bad acting. Bad, sometimes nonsensical dialogue, boring and predictable plot, and some of the worst writing I've ever witnessed on screen. I wouldn't wish this film on my worst enemy. It's no wonder the director only has 4 movies under her belt. Stay away from this film if you value your time!First off, you'll have no idea where this movie is going until it's nearly half way over, and then they slap you with the "story" which pretty much makes the movie's plot feel as though it changed 180 degrees. Up until this point, if you're still awake, you'll be bored to death with layers of irrelevant scenes mostly associated with teenage drama.Oh, and this movie tries, but miserably fails, to be "artsy" in its direction at certain points. This kind of thing might please the college coffee shop crowd, but it doesn't make a good movie. The only way I can see anyone enjoying this movie is if they are the type of person who flat out hates popular, big budget movies, and exclusively enjoys crappy movies for the sake of being "different." If you feel like wasting your time, then this movie is for you!
nbthalia I enjoyed this film immensely. I had no preconceived ideas about it at all, which is usually the best way to approach a movie. Just pop Netflix on, sit back and be either disgusted, surprised or intrigued. For me, I am pleased to say, it was the last one. This film was very well done indeed and everyone had worked very hard to achieve this result. A blockbuster it wasn't, by any means, but I wasn't expecting one. The film was slow-paced, but that isn't always a bad thing. The subject matter of dark goings-on in a private girls' school did not call for a frenetic free-for-all. Even the young lead star moved very slowly through the story as though she were walking through treacle but it was a lovely performance. Indeed, all the cast was first class, apart from the father who came across as an unfeeling wimp. Maybe he was meant to play it that way. Whatever, he was outshone by the ladies, who treated us to some very welcome eye candy. I found the photography and lighting to be stunningly executed on nearly every shot. The suspense was sustained very well too. The special effects were very laudable considering the budget. Well done and thanks everyone and my good wishes in your future endeavours.
Bryan Kluger I admit it. I'm a complete sucker for the supernatural horror genre. I love fully engrossing myself in the wake of these ghost and demonic stories. Even though this is the one genre that has me leaving my turtle night light on at night, I can't help myself but watching every single film I can, relating to the supernatural. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a slow burning horror film from writer-director Hilary Brougher give us a unique take on this particular variety of film. Based off of Jane Mendelsohn's novel of the same name and with the help of writer Tristine Skyler, Brougher and Skyler deliver some very creepy moments, despite an over-the-top third act in this horror-drama genre film called 'Innocence'.The film opens up with a teenage girl named Becekett (Sophie Curtis) and her mother are surfing off Long Island, when her mother tragically drowns. We cut to four months later as her father Miles (Linus Roache), a successful writer has moved himself and Beckett to Manhattan to start over and move on from their recent tragedy. Miles enrolls Beckett into a luxury, exclusive prep school where she is welcomed by family friend Natalie (Stephanie March) and her son Tobey (Graham Phillips). Beckett is looked after by the beautiful school nurse Pamela (Kelly Reilly) and soon enough refers a psychiatrist named Dr. Kent (Sarita Choudhury) for counseling sessions with Beckett and her father.At the same time, Pamela is quickly taking a liking to Beckett's father and eventually moves in. However, shortly after the death of Beckett's mother, Becket begins to see wicked and scary hallucinations that she can't explain, by seeing dead classmates, and evil entities. And when one of her new classmates commits suicide by jumping off the school's roof, Beckett begins to figure out that there is something much more sinister going on at her school between the female faculty and their students. You could say there are glaring similarities to 'Rosemary's Baby' and 'The Stepford Wives' here, but instead of focusing on the visual effects and horror of the situation, Brougher dives into the realistic tones of one teenage girl's coping with the death of her mother and dealing with the strange things that are happening around her, which is a nice and fresh area to explore.Brougher almost too much uses the blue palette color scheme to accent when Beckett is experiencing these frightening hallucinations, which plays on the nose of too many genre elements we've seen in numerous other films. Curtis does a decent job with the more veteran actors around her, although March, Reilly, and Roache can only go so far, as the script doesn't allow them them to really take a bite into their characters. 'Innocence' is one half drama and one half horror, and it seems like the filmmakers never owned either genre to the fullest it could have been, instead they skirted around each area with a slow suspense.This is not the horror film that will define a generation, but it will muster up some very creepy imagery that will linger for a few days.
violma-63206 I think that this was a great display of effort. Great performances by Graham Phillips and Sarah Sutherland! I was also impressed by the work of director Hilary Brougher, one of my personal heroes. I think that though there is room for improvement in the this film I can tell that there was a great attempt made by the crew and especially the director. I can tell that the mistakes in the film were made most likely made during the editing process. I think that the composition is not quite up to par. Even so, I think that with a few changes and a little more experienced cast the experience of watching this movie would have been much improved.