The Legend of Zorro

2005 "Adventure begins with a Z."
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Released: 25 October 2005 Released
Producted By: Columbia Pictures
Country: United States of America
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Having spent the last 10 years fighting injustice and cruelty, Alejandro de la Vega is now facing his greatest challenge: his loving wife Elena has thrown him out of the house! Elena has filed for divorce and found comfort in the arms of Count Armand, a dashing French aristocrat. But Alejandro knows something she doesn't: Armand is the evil mastermind behind a terrorist plot to destroy the United States. And so, with his marriage and the county's future at stake, it's up to Zorro to save two unions before it's too late.

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Martin Campbell

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The Legend of Zorro Audience Reviews

SnoReptilePlenty Memorable, crazy movie
Platicsco Good story, Not enough for a whole film
Chirphymium It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional
Tymon Sutton The acting is good, and the firecracker script has some excellent ideas.
UofSciFi I absolutely loved the original movie "Mask of Zorro" that came out in 1998. and I could wait to see this one. I did find it rather odd that it took them 7 years to make a sequel...but none the less they finally made it.The good news is that they didn't try rehash the first film all over again with bigger special effects and slightly different circumstances(like many sequels do..example: Die Hard 2) The Bad news is that is cannot hold a candle to the 1998 original. This movie is no where near as good as the first one.Once again, just like with the first film,the music score is great, the actors are perfect for their roles, the scenery is beautiful and the stunts, special effects & action sequences are great.(the first movie got all of those same elements right too)But this movie unlike the first movie, the story isn't as good. at most times the plot is very predictable. However I felt like the writers tried to hard to work in way too much comic relief, and it bogged the story down. The story takes a long time to develop, and when it does finally develop, everything happens pretty much they way you already knew it would.overall its not a bad movie, and it does have its moments. but there is way too much comic relief, and the story moves way too slow.... it is an 5 out of 10. It worth watching once.And if you've not seen the first yourself a favor and watch it
SimonJack As so often happens with sequels of movies, this one falls far short of the 1998 film, "The Mask of Zorro." That was a reincarnation of the mythical character of Old California created by author Johnston McCulley (1883-1958). Since the first silent film, "The Mark of Zorro" that starred Douglas Fairbanks, Hollywood made at least one Zorro film every decade until this film in 2005.While this film keeps the same male and female leads as the 1998 film, it makes major story changes. The female lead is now the wife of Zorro (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones), who provides some of the swashbuckling. I can appreciate Hollywood going with the times and making films since the late 20th century about women in various adventurous, daring and female macho roles. We have had women heroes of derring-do as well as male from comic book stories (Superman, Superwoman, Batman, Batwoman, etc.). And, Hollywood creates an occasional new super-athletic female "fighting machine" of its own, as "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," played by Angelina Jolie. Those are fantasy fiction characters and stories, as are those with such male roles. But in "The Legend of Zorro," the female swashbuckler is a fantasy within a mythical story, or legend. The plot has a whole new look, and one that gets far-removed from the time the story is supposed to take place. Now, a fiery, sword-wielding female hardly needs the protection of a man. Indeed, she can save him. So, this film has sort of a role reversal and that plays against the aura and the mystic of the time, in Old California. It can't make up in other ways what it loses by this wholesale change of theme. So, this one doesn't work at all. Beyond some of the action that is fun to watch for how it is staged, there is very little to recommend this film.
breakdownthatfilm-blogspot-com When watching the first Zorro film, I felt like I was watching The Three Musketeers (1993). Swords swishing, clanging, and their wielder's jumping and ducking. This sequel has that too if not more. All of this was great to watch but what made the first one better was with a helpful performance by Anthony Hopkins. With Hopkin's character being a mentor it really brought in the idea of the next Zorro to fill in the boots. Much of it was very noble and understanding. As for this film there were parts of this film that were too childish for the franchise.Antonio Banderas stars once more as Zorro, the sword-wielding revolutionary. It's a delight to see Banderas play Zorro once more because he played his part really well in the first film. Catherine Zeta-Jones also comes back for another round and this time she uses the sword just as much as Zorro did in the first one. It's nice to see some mutual cooperation when it comes to husband and wife fighting off a group of bad guys. Playing as their son is Adrian Alonso who does a good job at speaking English because before the film was made, he had no idea how to. If this film were to have a sequel I would hope to see Alonso play the upcoming Zorro. Even though he is not Banderas' son, he shows all the same qualities in the character he does Zorro and that's a good sign. But I don't think that'll happen anytime soon. The only thing I thought seemed out of place in this film was the main source of the plot. For almost two thirds of the film, Jones and Banderas argue as parents (which is normal) about their relationship with their son and the Zorro business. That part isn't normal obviously but it's like every minute the two stars meet up with each other they argue. How childish can this get? At first their son is uncontrollable and the marital relationship seemed to be diminishing and it creates a very negative tone. However, there are some parts that do have some comedy put inside of it but it's doesn't occur very often. It's like this film was destined to end with a divorce. I'm glad it didn't end that way, though it does go out with a bang, which was nice to see.As for the action, the sword fights, and on the brink of death moments are numerous if not more than the last film. The Mask of Zorro (1998) was more about discovering what Zorro was like and how he would transform into that character. This one is out of control and expanding boundaries but in good way. Action sequences vary from saving people from burning buildings, messing around with C4 explosives or swashbuckling on a runaway locomotive. Sounds intense if you ask me. The music was composed once again by James Horner who also did the first film. Horner keeps the music energetic and cultural to the story's background, which I feel is partially essential to a movie's success. Nothing sounds different from the first soundtrack, which is good, because the good things should be left untampered with.Despite the fact that for the majority of the film, Banderas and Jones argue like children, the film amounts to a decent sequel. The action is fun, and the music is enjoyable.
Tina_V We watched with my 7-year-old daughter who didn't know any Zorro stories, and was not expecting to see right at the beginning the death of a farmer, one of the goodies, which was unnecessary. She cried uncontrollably for a long time, and we had to stop it there and then. Only next day she was again interested to watch the rest of the film. Although from that part onwards, the movie improved and much good action started: Zorro was back to his normal self, and other characters gained space. The Zeta-Jones character is a bit unconvincing when fighting, but she is beautiful as can be. Having watched it all, my daughter says she loved it, and wanted to give an 9 or 10 :) Parental guidance is probably not adequate for this feature, I'd say it should be at least 12PG.