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Released: 01 January 1990 Ended
Producted By: Thames Television
Country: United Kingdom
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Mr Bean turns simple everyday tasks into chaotic situations and will leave you in stitches as he creates havoc wherever he goes.


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Mr. Bean Audience Reviews

Karry Best movie of this year hands down!
Doomtomylo a film so unique, intoxicating and bizarre that it not only demands another viewing, but is also forgivable as a satirical comedy where the jokes eventually take the back seat.
Jenna Walter The film may be flawed, but its message is not.
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
shevaunhodge Mr Bean is still one of my favorite shows and never fails to make me laugh after watching all the episodes lots of times. I have always liked Mr Bean and revived the video box set, as an christmas present when i was very young. I think the humor is very easy to get, most of it is visual, with not much dialog, so the humor is understood by most ages. The program is based around something very simple. As I see it Mr Bean is an alien that is on earth and is struggling to adapt to human life. The reason why I think this is because at the beginning of each episode he drops down on from the sky into the street and then gets up and wonders off. I could be wrong. Mr Bean is "very child "like and some what "socially slow", and struggles to understand "normal people" , which leads to him getting himself into sticky situations . Like I said before the humor is very visual, and Rowan Atkinson makes the show funny, and I do not feel that many other actors could pull this off. I think its mainly the facial expressions that make the scenes funny, and his overall body language and acting, rather than the plot itself. It is very different from a lot of shows now, that have a lot of dialogue containing bad language, or shows that consider making fun of other people to be funny. Overall I think this is an all time classic, and is great for everyone. It can be watched as a family and the humor is easy to get and simple, but very funny. The acting is fantastic and clever with little effort from the brilliant actor Rowan Atkinson, and should be watched by all.
RaspberryLucozade 'Mr. Bean' has secured itself a loyal fan base all over the world, spawning not only two film spin-offs but a cartoon series as well. If it makes people happy, that's fine by me but personally I do not like the show at all. It is childish and banal to the point that whenever I try to tune in, I feel my concentration wandering after about two minutes. I find it a great chore to sit through.Rowan Atkinson plays the title character, a man who never speaks coherently, cannot touch anything without breaking it and whose habits and ways set him some distance from normality. Whilst I liked Atkinson in shows such as 'Not The Nine O'Clock News', 'Blackadder' and 'The Thin Blue Line', I don't feel he is terribly good at working without dialogue. He just comes across as gormless and emotionless. It is like watching someone who is mentally retarded.One of my biggest bugbears about the show is the fact that people label it as silent comedy. Bean is the only one who doesn't talk, everyone else, however, does, unlike in the later and far superior series 'The Baldy Man' ( which starred Gregor Fisher ), where no dialogue was used at all. The latter, incidentally, was slated by the critics who claimed that it was nothing but a cheap rip-off of 'Mr. Bean'. Whilst it is true that the series of 'The Baldy Man' came after 'Mr. Bean', it must be noted that the character of Baldy was created on 'Naked Video' in 1986, a good four years before this show started. Also, in 'The Baldy Man', Baldy only reacted to situations, 'Mr. Bean' however was responsible for them, so oft-repeated comparisons between the two shows are largely unfair.I would be lying if I were to deny the show's popularity but I just could not take to the show at all. If you ever manage to come across 'The Baldy Man', tune into that instead. Trust me, it is funnier by miles.
TheLittleSongbird Okay, Mr Bean mayn't be the most sophisticated comedy series ever, and it sure is one of the funniest. I do agree there may be the occasional gag that doesn't quite work, but an overwhelming majority of them work brilliantly. Mr Bean does have minimal dialogue so a lot of the humour comes from the visual gags and slapstick. That is not a bad thing whatsoever, because it actually works wonders.The story ideas are really interesting and are always constructed really well. The photography, scenery and costumes are great to look at, and the music is delightful. Other than the gags and slapstick, it is Mr Bean himself who makes the series. Mr Bean is naive, self-centred and clueless, he can't do anything right, but we love him anyway. Rowan Atkinson is perfect at conveying these character qualities; I thought he was brilliant in Black Adder, but he was just amazing in this. His facial expressions and the situations his character gets into are simply priceless. The guest appearances are also excellent, but it is Atkinson's show all the way.Overall, a complete delight of a comedy series. It is hilarious and original, like a comedy series should be, if anything though I think it should have lasted longer. 10/10 Bethany Cox
manchester_england2004 The 1990s was a great decade for British sitcom with many popular creations such as ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE, ABSOLUTELY FABOULOUS THE THIN BLUE LINE, THE BRITTAS EMPIRE and MEN BEHAVING BADLY arriving onto TV screens for the first time.However, MR. BEAN is, hands down, the greatest sitcom of the 1990s.MR. BEAN represents the first major attempt at a throwback to the era of silent greats such as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton for several decades. It brings to the audience a single character - Mr. Bean - played to perfection by Rowan Atkinson.Many people who have commented on this page as well as on the message boards on this and other websites have engaged in debates about whether or not Mr. Bean has a mental disability or has significant learning difficulties arising from such a disability. However, I believe this debate is unnecessary because I highly doubt that the creators of this show expected anyone in the audience for a single moment to even consider Mr. Bean in such a context.Mr. Bean is shown to be a character who seems to have very few friends, rarely speaks and chooses to solve problems by himself with no guidance from others. Some of his methods to approaching day-to-day tasks such as preparing lunch or going to the dentist are approached in a manner bizarre to anyone watching the show. This is where the humour derives from. Mr. Bean is not necessarily someone with a mental disability, he may just be an eccentric person accustomed to dealing with things his own way. And naturally some of his methods to completing a single task often result in disaster, which we then see Mr. Bean try to resolve.Sometimes, we see Mr. Bean show a mean or petty streak, often trying to compete with those around him or play pranks on those least expecting it. But no real harm comes to anyone at the end of the day and outcomes are always reassuring.Unlike most examples of British comedy in the past 30 years, MR. BEAN is simple, inoffensive, harmless U-rated entertainment suitable for everyone in the family to enjoy. It is for this reason why the TV series became a big hit in dozens of countries throughout the world. It is also why it will still be remembered in several decades from now when lots of other TV shows will have come, gone and been forgotten.Some critics claim the show only appeals to children yet I laugh just as much at Mr. Bean's antics now as I did when I first saw the episodes as a kid in the 1990s. Rowan Atkinson has used his natural ability to create effective visual gags that seem just as funny on repeat viewings as they did the first time.The TV series has to date spawned two spin-off movies, BEAN and MR. BEAN'S HOLIDAY. As one familiar with the type of humour shown in the TV series would expect, it does not translate to success on the big screen. The two movies do little justice to the TV series and fail to truly capture the magic of the episodes. The greatest failing in both movies perhaps resides in the change of setting. In both movies, the producers take Mr. Bean out of his normal British surroundings into America (the first movie) and France (the second movie). As a result, the movie characters around Mr. Bean respond differently to his behaviour than their TV series counterparts. Both movies re-use gags from the TV series, and the evidence shows that the gags were done right the first time. In the second movie, Mr. Bean is shown to be behaving out-of-character with some aspects of his personality exaggerated to the point where some gags seem dumb rather than funny. At various times, I found myself thinking that the character I was watching was not Mr. Bean but a pale caricature. It is clear that Rowan Atkinson was not enjoying himself as much as he did in the TV series. His heart just wasn't in the performance. After the second movie came out, he stated publicly that he would not play Mr. Bean again. I realise how he felt.Returning to the TV series, each episode shows evidence of meticulous planning in terms of writing and execution in every single scene. Even the weakest episode is still highly enjoyable and well ahead of the two movies.My favourite episodes are the first three - these set the high standard that was to continue. I consider the final episode to be the weakest but still hilarious nonetheless.To summarise, MR. BEAN is a truly superb sitcom suitable for all the family. Rowan Atkinson is a true comic genius and the evidence is in the 14 episodes of this TV series. My recommendation - watch and enjoy. But only see the movies if you consider yourself a die-hard fan after seeing the TV series.